Lemmings 2: The Tribes Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Introduction scene
Introduction scene
Company logo Psygnosis
Main menu
First level overview
First level begins
The Main Map.
Sports Tribe Level One Overview.
Sports Tribe.
I blew that level, and now the poor tribe is extinct.
Shadow Tribe.
Cave Lemmings Tribe.
Space Tribe.
Polar Tribe.
Highland Tribe.
Circus Tribe - A lemming just shot himself into the air with the canon.
Classic Lemmings Tribe.
Medieval Tribe.
Passed a level.
Medieval Tribe - Using a flame thrower to get past a wall.
Medieval Tribe - The exit door is the small tower on the bottom of the screen. Now how do I get my lemmings to it?
Egyptian Tribe.
Outdoor Tribe.
Since there are a bunch of new skills in Lemmings 2 - the game lets you practice each skill.
Skill Practice - Medieval Tribe,
Skill Practice - Space. There's some cool looking robots here... Too bad they like to shoot the poor little lemmings to pieces though.
Save game menu.

Atari ST version

Dma Design Logo.
Company Psygnosis Logo.
Main menu.
Map screen.
Level information screen.
Sports lemmings.
Try again.
Beach lemmings.
Outdoor lemmings.
Egyptian lemmings.
Medieval lemmings.
Classic lemmings.
Circus lemmings.
Highland lemmings.
Polar lemmings.
Space lemmings.
Cave lemmings.
Shadow lemmings.
You are number one.
Choose skills to practise.

DOS version

Choose Your Area
The Shadow
The Beach
You Save the Lemmings !
Title Screen (Monochrome VGA Mode)
Out Door Lemmings.
Egyptian Lemmings.
Intro for level.
Medieval Lemmings.
Classic Lemmings.
Circus Lemmings.
High Land Lemmings.
Polar Lemmings.
Space Lemmings.
Cave Lemmings.
Sports Lemmings.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Practice mode, select 8 skills to practice
First level overview
Level complete
Many lemmings died that day on the beach

Game Boy version

Opening story
Title screen/main menu
The map, in case you want to select a certain area
"Hit the space bar"? Obviously, a port of a home computer version
The Space level
I failed

Genesis version

Intro. Nice graphics!
Title screen and main menu
Practice mode. The amount of various lemming jobs is overwhelming
Practice in space: there are 20 possible lemmings of each job you chose previously
Polar level
Egyptian level
Cave level
Information before a level
Beach level
Space level
Classic level
Sports level
Highland level
Uh... something-else level
Shadow level. Creepy!
Select a tribe to enter a password.
It's old-school console password entry time!
Medieval Tribe - Level One overview.
Medieval Tribe - Level One.
Outdoor Tribe - Level One.
I blew that level...

SNES version

Title screen / Main menu.
Map of the lands
The Beach is next
Here comes the Lemmings
Get them to the sandcastle

Official Screenshots

  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes Screenshot
    Psygnosis website, 1996
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes Screenshot
    Psygnosis website, 1996
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes Screenshot
    Psygnosis website, 1996
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes Screenshot
    Psygnosis website, 1996