Lemmings Screenshots

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Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen
Level 1 description
Level 1
Level 1 summary
Level 2
Level 3
Blowing up the lemmings is most fun
Level 4

Amiga version

Psygnosis logo
Here come the lemmings!
Title screen
Main menu
Dig your way through the first level
Use floaters on this level
Use miners and climbers here
Bashing through a wall
Lemming mayhem!
Building a bridge to get past obstacles
Some lemming traps

Amiga CD32 version

Introduction 1
Introduction 2
Introduction 3
Title screen
Level 1 information
Level 1
Level 1 completed
Level 2

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
Play the current level of select another.
Level description and winning conditions.
Level 10
Let the Lemmings dig through the platform to shorten their fall.
Level 11 description
Level 11
Digging a tunnel under the trap
Level completed, password gained
Level 12

Atari ST version

Psygnosis logo
Here come the lemmings!
Title screen
The main menu
Dig your way through the first level
Floating down safely...
Bash and climb your way to safety
Bashing through a wall
A firey level
Lemmings mayhem!!

CDTV version

Loading screen
Introduction 1
Introduction 2
Introduction 3
Introduction 4
Title screen
Level 1 details
Level 1
Level 1 completed
Level 2

Commodore 64 version

Psygnosis logo
E&E Software logo
The Lemmings are arriving!
Title screen
The main menu
The first level
Floating lemmings
Use blockers on this level
Lemmings climbing up a wall
Lemmings bashing their way through some rock
You need to blast through the wall to get home
Building bridges...
Level introduction.
I'll have to find a way to punch through from the other side.
Completed a level.
Greek columns for that classic Lemmings look.
When there's an obstacle in your way, punch through it!
A bunch of lemmings and lava pits below... This could be trouble.
Tunneling through the ground.
Tribute to Shadow of the Beast.
Spider web above the exit.
Climbing over Mt. Lemming?
Be careful, or you'll get lemmings trapped.
Is the exit really that way?
Watch out for acid pits!
Stars and spider webs - a weird combination.

DOS version

Main Menu (VGA)
Objective Screen (VGA)
Level 1 Start (VGA)
The lemmings wander down some platforms (VGA)
Bashing through a wall (VGA)
Don't let the lemmings get caught in fire! (VGA)
Build a bridge to cross the gap (VGA)
Bash through the wall to continue on (VGA)
Tribute to Shadow of the Beast (see trivia) (VGA)
Blocker prevents lemmings from falling in acid (VGA)
Endgame. Rockstar North salutes your leetness with congratulatory text. (VGA)
Game end - Level 1 (VGA)
Main Menu (EGA)
Objective Screen - Level 1 (EGA)
Level 1 Start (EGA)
Game end - Level 1 (EGA)
Main Menu (Tandy)
Objective Screen - Level 1 (Tandy)
Level 1 Start (Tandy)
Game end - Level 1 (Tandy)
Main Menu (CGA)
Objective Screen - Level 1 (CGA)
Level 1 Start (CGA)
Game end - Level 1 (CGA)
"A Beast of a Level" - the very different EGA version
Another "special" level
And yet another "special" level - EGA version
A different part of the same level in VGA
Always looking for new ways to save all Lemmings...

FM Towns version

From the title screen, you can configure the game, begin play, or enter a password for a later level.
Before each level, the game gives a miniature preview, details about the level, and requirements to succeed. Sometimes, the level's title provides a clue for how to solve it.
In the first level, you use diggers to reach the door.
After completing a level, the game reports what percentage of lemmings you saved, and provides a password to continue from that point in the future.
In the second level, your lemmings must be floaters to survive the fall.
In the third level, you use blockers to direct your lemmings toward the door. Later on, you will use several different kinds of lemmings per level.
In order to continue from a later point in the game, you must enter the password given after beating a level.

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Level Introduction
Just Dig
You know what will happen next.

Game Gear version

Title Screen
Level Summary
Digging Lemmings
Lemmings falling down tunnel
Mission Accomplished
Floater Lemmings
Blockers all set up
Lemmings Self-Destruct

Genesis version

Intro: Lemmings climbing up.
Intro: A lemming made it to the top.
Here we come!
The first few levels serve as a tutorial. The game tells you exactly what job to use to save the lemmings
Starting a level
Digger: can dig holes in the ground and fall through them
Level solved
Nice level with columns
Pink level
The faller creates a parachute that lets him survive long falls
Somebody needs to prevent the lemmings from going in wrong direction...
...and this somebody is the blocker
Miner: can dig tunnels
Crystal level
Basher: can bash through walls or anything else
Lava level
Seems pretty easy, but only one job does the trick...
...the builder, who can build bridges to cross dangerous areas
The first "independent" level, that you finally have to solve on your own
This tower shouldn't be much of a problem...
"Egyptian" level
Seems easy, but the solution is anything but obvious...
Two player mode.
Enter a password.
Watch out for the water below.
Make your way through the cave.
Pretty funky level design here.
Look out below!

J2ME version

Loading screen
Main menu
Climber description
Floater description
Exploader description
Blocker description
Builder description
Basher description
Miner description
Digger description
Massive digging is going on.
Don't try this umbrella trick at home.
Perfect attempt
Very low requirement task, only 10 percent
Everybody is out...
...and not all of them can get in.
Nice pre-explosion animation!
Now they are going straight up.

Lynx version

Splash screen
Psygnosis logo
DMA logo
Intro part 1
Intro part 2
Intro part 3
Main screen
Level 1 briefing
The tools screen
The lemmings have reached level 1's goal
All lemmings accounted for
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Macintosh version

Lemmings Main Menu
Fun 1: Just Dig! Briefing
Fun 1: Just Dig!
Fun 1: Just Dig! Completed
Fun 2: Only floaters can survive this!
Fun 3: Tailor-made for blockers
Fun 4: Now use miners and climbers
Fun 5: You need bashers this time
Fun 6: A task for blockers and bombers (note the exit is different from the Amiga/DOS Version)
Fun 7: Builders will help you here
Fun 8: Not as complicated as it looks
Fun 9: As long as you try your best
Fun 10: Smile if you love lemmings
Fun 11: Keep your hair on Mr. Lemming
Fun 12: Patience
Fun 13: We all fall down
Fun 14: Origins and Lemmings
Fun 15: Don't let your eyes deceive you
Don't do anything too hasty
Fun 17: Easy when you know how
Fun 18: Let's block and blow
Fun 19: Take good care of my Lemmings
Fun 20: We are now at LEMCON ONE
Fun 21: You Live and Lem
Fun 22: A Beast of a level
Fun 23: I've lost that Lemming feeling

NES version

Nice little intro :)
Title screen and main menu
First level
Turn the little suckers into diggers, and you have solved the level
Nice egyptian level
A task for the floaters, so it seems
The blockers will prevent other lemmings from falling down
This one seems quite easy
Completed a level
Nice icy level
Once the countdown reaches zero, the poor lemming will explode
Bashers will do the trick
Tricky level

PC-98 version

Cool company logo...
The little suckers are parachuting down...
...and walking in the intro :)
Title screen

SAM Coupé version

Menu screen
The first level
Level 7 start
Description of level 13
..and level 13 entry

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Level summary
Level #1
Mission Accomplished
Level 2 summary
Block them
Everyone explodes

SNES version

Main Menu
Level summary
Lemmings Popping out
Exit the level
Floating down
(Cheat) 3 lemmings blocking instead of 5
Blockers will self destruct
Lemming Mining diagonally
Lemmings climbing
Bashing through ice
Enter the ice exit
Ready to Blow 1 lemmings on top
One more time

TurboGrafx CD version

The game begins with the little suckers descending from a balloon...
...crawling through caves...
...until you see this is all part of the title screen :)
Main menu
Level description
First level. Very simple
Second level: use floaters, otherwise the poor little dudes will fall to their deaths
Right. See if I care! Ha-ha-ha!
This level requires more of quick reaction
Palace level. The little guys are stuck - you need to use two different jobs to complete this
Beautiful crystal level. Some mining might be helpful
Bombers are needed to tackle this one
Builders can solve this level if anything else fails
From this point on you are on your own - jobs are distributed evenly, 20 lemmings each
Complex contraptions. Trying to climb
The blocker holds the others while they try to carefully fall through
Hmm... am I doing something wrong here?..
The lonely blocker sees how his stupid comrades depart
Carefully walk over the bridge... or fall through, it's your choice
Bombers have worked on this
This looks like a pleasant one
Don't believe everything you see...
Here lemmings fall from three different openings!
You'll have to bomb your way through without stepping into fire
Round bridge. Are we going to destroy it?..
It's hard to figure out how not to fall into acid
Beautiful level with trees. What could go wrong?..
This "Japanese" level is called "Konnichi wa, Lemmings-san"
In this cool level you climb through spider web!
Okay, I use floaters. Where is the catch? I can only have 20 floaters, that's where!
Bombing the ladder mercilessly

Windows 3.x version

Main menu
First level: Just dig!
The level selection screen, demo version

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Dig your way to the exit
Summary of the next level
Using blockers to get your Lemmings to safety
Lemmings floating down
Bash your way through this wall
Dig through the floor so your Lemmings can fall a safe distance
Lemmings clear a path