Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Neat hand-drawn cut scenes
Lame pre-rendered Cutscenes
Klaus pushes boxes around.
You have found a boxing glove.
Sunny explores small spaces.
Sunny's levels are wierd, but entertaining.
Bite Bite Bite
Violet finds a broom.
Invention Mode
Klaus addresses the rat problem.
The Main Room
The first boss fight.
Violet shoots rotten fruit at the spiders.

Windows version

Main menu
Opening cutscene; unlike the console versions, all of the ingame cinematics are real-time like in Grand Theft Auto.
Klaus, your friendly neighbourhood bookworm.
A typical day at Briny Beach.
"This house sure needs some renovation,"
The Smasher can be used to break some barriers or knock down enemies.
Sunny does her business.
If you can't give us what we want, then we'll take it from you.
Violet sure is pissed off at her annoying uncle.