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L'Empereur Screenshots

DOS version

Start menu
Scenario selection
Game start -- most of the game will be played from this screen.
Imperial comparisons
Diplomatic status
City status
Military status
Selecting commanders for a military action and ensuring adequate supplies.
To the battlefield!
Place your troops.
They await your word.
A less than successful run
Random events can be negative.
Also, happily, some of them confer bonus effects.
Dealing with the government.

L'Empereur Screenshots

MSX version

Koei logo
Title screen
A map of Europe.
Select an items.
The computer calculates.
You can play with several different characters.
More options to choose from.

L'Empereur Screenshots

NES version

The Koei Logo.
Credits screen.
The game is part of a series.
Title in Japanese.
Title screen (Japanese version)
The title screen.
Introductional story sequence.
Select a scenario.
This shows the influence of dicissions made by other countries on France.
Select what you want to do.
Select a officer that leads the invasion of the French main land .
Select an item.
A labor strike!
Negotiations broke down
Recruiting an army
Time to invade!
Sea control
Enemies have more people to defend
Battle field

L'Empereur Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Napoleon in his famous pose
Intro: history of French revolution...
...and the Corsican's rise to power
Scenario select
Getting started
Prepare the cannons!
Considering diplomatic relationships
Information on the Russian Emperor Pavel
Information on various capital cities
List of countries
List of cities (numbered on the map)
Viewing the whole map
Gotta think about the food, too...
Rebellion in Rome
The French meet the Turks on the battle field
France is invading Spain
Note the little ships moving through the North Sea
The British duke it out with the Danish king Christian
Austrians invade Spain. Was it really like that?..