Lethal Weapon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Scrolling "Lethal Weapon" logo
Title screen
Begin the game at the police station
Locker Room - here you can change Riggs <--> Murtaugh
Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
Beginning mission one
Watch out for sharks
This room appears heavily guarded...
Yikes, a flame thrower!
Ducking bullets...
This guy is attempting to drop dynamite on your head
Mission Two Description
Mission Three Description

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level selection
Inside the locker room you can change player
Selecting mission one
Mission briefing
Starting level one
He drops dynamite sticks on the player
Up on the roof
A shark swims in the water
Extra ammo and bonus points
Going from one building to another
Level complete
This will be a tricky jump
A flame thrower and a rocket launcher; the enemy don't save on the fire power
swimming in the sewers
Walking in a sewer pipe
At a subway station
Locker room.
Mission two briefing.
Computer room.
Mission three briefing.
Jumping on boats.
Someone is trying to kill you with dynamite.
Found a big heart.
Using a rope.
Jumping on beams.
Watch out enemy fire.
That rocket was close.
Swimming in sewer.
Broken ladders.
Look out for barrels.

Commodore 64 version

What's your poison?
The Beginning
"I'm drowning, help!"
On a moving platform
Climbing a ladder
On a ship
In the sewers
"A nice slug of Coca-Cola would sure hit the spot right now"
Sticking a bench in a middle of a gap is downright silly
In a factory
"Err... I'm over this way"
On a conveyor belt
Construction Site
Office Block
Police Car Garage
Another Construction Site

DOS version

Title screen.
Facing an enemy inside the factory in Mission 3