Letters from Nowhere Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main menu (demo)
Story continues
Episode 1 town map
Cellar - objects
Found a letter
Cellar complete
You can purchase additional tools to help find items quickly
Police Station - objects (using the Thermometer to find objects)
Mini puzzle
Trophy Room
Episode 2 locations
Garage - objects
Attic - objects
Apartment narrative
Workroom - objects
Mini matching puzzle
Episode 3 locations

Macintosh version

Demo - 60 min time limit until key purchase
Main menu
Loading screen
Finding hidden stamps in the Cellar
Collected all stamps for Cellar
Trophy Room
Finding items at the Police office
Town map and locations explored
Street location
Found a stamp
Audrey can provide clues/hints
Scramble puzzle picture
Game exit

Windows version

Loading screen
Profile creation
Main menu
Audrey going to the police station.
Loading screen for the first episode
3x combo stamp
Stamp for completing the location under a minute.
Location completed.
Two helpful gadgets available on the map screen.
Two bonus items enabled for the next scenes.
Finding the jack-in-the-box for bonus points.
5x combo stamp
Collecting several items at once.
The thermometer gets hotter when placed near one of the required items.
Activating the Polaroid camera.
Photos of several objects
Shredded picture puzzle