Liberogrande International Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese version). The world is watching...
Main menu.
Player edit.
Tryptick (also known as Trypticon), the new World class player!
Team select.
Match setting.
Selecting the captain. Hidetoshi Nakata.
Neat now loading screen.
Meanwhile... International cup... match against Argentina. Rui Costa committed a foul... Batistuta, is that you?
Yes, the match is almost over... keep the ball!
Semi-final match between Portugal and England. Only the Japanese version features commentary.
Where is the ball? I'm only seeing it (orange-yellow square) on the "radar".
That was an extremely harsh foul.
Another angle...
Rui Costa is preparing to... score a goal?
Yeah... Assist by João V. Pinto.
Maestro in action.
Yeps, this game features cool replays.
Portugal is attacking. Go team mate!
I was offside. So obvious...
Free kick.
Bicycle kick. He didn't score anyway...
Corner kick for England... "Sky Kid" and "Xevious"? Oh yeah.
Match introduction. Final against... Brazil.
Just different styles.
Free kick for Brazil.
Penalty kick for Portugal!
Figo didn't fail!
Odd situation... the ball crossed the goal line. But for the CPU it wasn't goal! Bad luck for Brazil... In 2000 there was no goal-line technology yet. :)
Performance... 6.5 is ok, nothing special...
International Cup. Winner!
Another gameplay... another tournament... LiberoGrande Cup winner... Italy!
The staff roll shows various images. This is one of them. ART.
Title screen (European version).
Split-screen (1P 2P vs CPU). MobyGames, wtf are you doing? Don't be stagnant, move on please.