Advertising Blurbs
    LiberoGrande is the first game to project you down to pitch-level as you become a key part of the team and experience the sensation of playing on the pitch. During the game, your position and character is fixed (right midfield), although you have the freedom to take up any position (offensive or defensive) . . .after all you are the libero.

    So that means you spend most of the match waiting for your team colleagues to pass the ball to you right? How wrong you are. Because of your new role, you must to work out new strategies and plays, and be able to adopt a number of different roles. You might be under pressure and be needed to win the ball back from the opposition in front of your goal; you might be making one of those surging runs to latch onto a through ball; you might be screaming for a cross as you hit the penalty area. But most of all you WILL be organising your team, telling YOUR team-mates when to pass, when to shoot, when might be a good time to lay the ball off in YOUR direction!

    It's often said in football that the libero is the best player on the team, and in LiberoGrande you'll have to be. It's not that your team are bad (after all you can choose from 32 international sides); but they're relying on you as their lynchpin. LiberoGrande's control system means that you can control play depending on various different states of play. If you are in possession, with the ball at your feet, you can play as you would any other football sim, but with the camera right in on the action; if your team has the ball you can order tactics from the other end of the pitch (if you need to), telling your players when to attack, defend, pass, or shoot. If you have lost possession you can win the ball back by ordering your players to mark up, get behind the ball . . .and stick the boot in (with perfect timing, of course).

    With a fantastic array of special moves and tricks, smooth animation and realistic stadia and competition modes, LiberoGrande is breaking new ground in the football sim genre. It's a whole new ball game.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66876) on Nov 02, 2004.