Life & Death II: The Brain Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The Software Toolworks
Game Title
Overview of the hospital
Receptionist's desk
Cafeteria - listen to gossips here
X-ray lab
MRI scan
Operation room
Angiography lab
CAT scan
Your patient
Reviewing patient's profile
Examining your patient
Review your neurology textbook
Performing surgery
Good Job!
Your office: also have hall of fame
Your desk
Reviewing staff
Game options

FM Towns version

The FM Towns menu is the first thing you see when you fire up the game
Title screen
Hospital map
Performing an operation
Treating a patient
I know what's wrong with you. Too many computer games
Lots of medical information
He looks tired now
This room appears to be empty...
Reading the plaques of other doctors
Lots of info can be found on this table
Doctor's profiles
List of doctors
If you turn on the computer you will see these credits
Complex machines
X-Ray test
Working with another doctor
Performing a CAT scan
Viewing the results
Even saving and loading is done in the hospital

PC-98 version

Title screen
You can play this version in 16 or 8 colors
Wait a minute! This guy looks a lot like that dead North Korean dictator
Hey dude in white shirt, quit spilling the coffee!
Class is for suckers
A patient
Well there's your problem. To the surgery room with you!
Hmm, where did I put that mallet?
Now why do I get the feeling you're not talking about felines?
At least the plant speaks English