Life & Death Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Another title screen
Name input
Game start
Copy protection
Staff room
Staff files
Profile of Dr.Laurelee Menzies
Profile of Dr.Ken Sheperd
Patient room
Examining the abdomen
Game options
Ultrasound scan
Diagnosis clipboard
Operation room
Operation table: the first drawer
Operation table: the second drawer
Surgery tools
Disk-swap screen
Dead patient
Hospital director
Going to the medical school
Medical school

Apple IIgs version

Meeting a new patient.
Ready, aim...operate!

DOS version

Title Screen
In the hallway
Collegue profile
In the OR
One of our patients...
Checking our patient
Following the courses
Demonstration of bradycardia on the EKG. Use atropine to correct.
Appendectomy 101. Scrub up, disinfect and drape the patient's skin.
Make a McBurney's incision with the scalpel. Clamp and cauterize any bleeders.
Use the spreader to get to the underlying layer of fat. Repeat the above for the fat and muscle layers.
There's the appendix, under the peritoneum.
Scrape the peritoneum, clamp that spot, use the scalpel to start a hole. Cut diagonally with the scissors.
Get a sample of the black (infected) fluid, then suction it out.
Flip the cecum out with your gloves, pack it with gauze, lift the appendix with a clamp.
Med school again... cut here with the scalpel to reveal the mesoappendix artery.
Suture that artery, then cut away the mesoappendix membrane.
Clamp the appendix high and low. Tie it off with a purse string suture.
Cut the appendix. It's outta there, and it didn't rupture. (Phew!)
Put a Z-string suture on the remaining hole in the cecum. Remove the gauze.
Remove the spreader and suture the peritoneum.
Suture the transversus muscle layer, then the oblique, then the subcutaneous fat.
Use skin clips on the outer layer. Stick in fork in this patient - he's done!

FM Towns version

Title screen
Hello nurse! Dr. Quackjob reporting for duty
Staff room has a nice FM Towns computer
Medical class
Ah, ain't that sweet - a get well card. Hmmm, why are both cars here red? My doctor senses are tingling...
Examination time. The only thing I understood is the exclamation mark but the font is RED so that must mean... he's a commie spy
Clipboard, let's see here... X marks the spot, eh
The plot thickens, X-Ray reveals that the patient has bones in his body... fascinating
Ultrascan with the trusty Ultraviewer 7000 reveals more... red
Prepare him for operation
Operation table
Why the sour face, boss? Haven't you heard of the saying "better dead than red"?

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Start of the game
Staff room
Don't worry ma'am, I'm a qualified doctor. Nothing can go wrong