Life Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Beginning a game
Yikes, the path can be narrow!
Under attack...
Agh, I crashed!
Level one boss
The second level scrolls vertically
Numerous enemies attack on the fire level
Lasers are useful for destroy numerous enemies quickly

Arcade version

Title screen
Stage 1 "Multiplying Cells" a.k.a. "Bionic Germ"
Boss 1 "Golem"
Stage 2 "Meteorite Space"
Boss 2 "Cruiser Tetran"
Stage 3 "High-Density Energy"
Boss 3 "Intruder"
Stage 4 "Underground Volcano"
Boss 4 "Fortress Valis"
Stage 5 "Asteroids"
Boss 5 "Aircraft Carrier 'Death'"
Stage 6 "Fortress Area"
Sub-Boss 6 "Big Core"
Moai in Stage 6
Boss 6 "Zelos Force"
Final Cutscene Part #1
Final Cutscene Part #2

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The walls grow outward in this passageway
The blue 'options' provide you with more firepower
Giant arms block the path!
Blasting through a solid wall
Guardian of stage one
You can try blasting these rocks, but they can't be destroyed
Guardian of stage two
Avoid giant flames!
Guardian of stage three
Blasting assorted enemies
A mini boss in the middle of a stage

MSX version

Title screen
Selection screen
Story introduction
Latis surrounded!
Iggy Rock
Zowie Scott
Salamander's Fantastic Space Adventure
Use your weapon systems
Shoot 'm all!
Kill the stage boss!
On your way!

NES version

Title screen
Title Screen (Japanese version)
Starting a new game
Golem, the guardian of level one
The volcanic stage
The Intruder, and end of level boss
Watch out for flames!
Entering the rib cage
The pathway gets narrower
Watch out for Tutankhamanattack
Under attack!
Close to the end, yet still so far...
You often need to make your own path by shooting through organic structures.
Dragon boss in a horizontal-scrolling level
Skull boss in a vertical-scrolling level
Due to the many obstacles, the game has an insane difficulty.
The final boss

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Stage 1
Stage 2 takes place vertically
Second boss - Tetran
Stage 3
A dragon-like creature called Intruder is the third boss
Another vertical stage
Center Core is the boss of Stage 4
Stage 5 filled with asteroids
Boss of Stage 5 - Death MK I
Two player mode, the red ship is called Lord British (an Ultima reference?)

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Game start
One of the extra weapons
The orange one is the 'sweet spot' to shoot
Heading for a tight cavern
These things move up and dopwn in tandem
And it got me
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Firing at a large hand!
The pathway can get narrow
An end of level boss
Blasting enemies
Numerous enemies attacking...
Firing lasers
Uh oh, end of the line!

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  • Life Force Screenshot
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  • Life Force Screenshot
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  • Life Force Screenshot
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