Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Computer Gaming World, June 1992:

    Rivaled only by the game itself

    This all new LINKS 386 Pro version of our popular, award-winning LINKS golf game offers many dramatic improvements that make playing LINKS 386 Pro more enjoyable - and gives you exciting new golfing possibilities!

    Super VGA Graphics and 386 Power.

    The new LINKS 386 Pro, featuring Harbour Town Golf Links, is the first golf game specifically designed for the graphic capabilities and computing power of your personal 386/486 computer system. SUPER VGA 256-color graphics at 640x400 resolution display breathtaking views of LINKS Championship Courses. Your friends won't believe that your computer looks so good!

    Championship golf at your fingertips.

    A lot of listening went into the new LINKS 386 Pro. Many of the new features and improvements were added in response to direct requests from LINKS users like you! An exciting new feature is our Unique Computer Opponent. Play a round of golf and save your game. The new LINKS 386 Pro recorded every shot you made. Send your game off to your buddy and he can play against you right on the screen, shot for shot, as if you were right there next to him! We've also included pre-recorded games from worthy opponents, statistics, a variety of game play modes and much, much more.

    Over 345 combinations of viewing windows.

    With the new LINKS 386 Pro you're not stuck with just one standard viewing window. With a few clicks of your mouse you can split the screen giving you a real-time reverse view of your shot to the green or add a scaleable top-view that displays the flight of your ball. Scorecard, club distance chart, terrain profile and other panels give you the flexibility to display what you want to view while playing and you can change your viewing setup at anytime!

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We offer free unlimited technical support by phone. And if you're not completely satisfied, you can return LINKS 386 Pro within 30 days for a full refund - no questions asked.

    So you've got nothing to lose, but so much golfing enjoyment to gain. Try it out!

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Oct 24, 2001.