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WindowsElectric Games (1999)
The Links series HAS gotten better. However, this year the game is just not that much of an improvement over last year's version. There are minor updates to the engine that help a great deal and the five new courses are excellent. However, there is little else to entice an owner of Links 1999 to purchase the new edition. To those considering purchasing Links LS for the first time, I highly recommend this series - for years it has consistently been the best PC golf simulation on the market. Bottom Line: Five beautiful new courses, including the St. Andrews new course. Putting improvements compliment last year's bunker improvements well. Not much to really make the game stand apart from last year's version. If you're new to the genre, this is the best out there. If you're considering upgrading, do it for the new courses, not for any major improvements in gameplay.
WindowsSpel för Alla (Jan, 2000)
Många inställningsmöjligheter, vackra omgivningar och en underbar spelkänsla – vad mer kan man önska? Men några större nyheter har inte tillkommit, så har du redan Links 99 kan du lika gärna satsa på tilläggspaketet med fler banor i stället.
MacintoshmacHOME (2001)
Links LS 2000 is an excellent program, a great diversion, and beats putting on your carpet if you can’t make it to the course.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Nachdem sich Microsoft den Golfspiel-Spezialisten Access gekauft hat, war ja mit einer neuen Version des Golf-Klassikers zu rechnen. Nach nur sechs Monaten präsentiert uns der Softwaregigant einen kaum veränderten Nachfolger von Links LS 99, der mit den grafisch nur leicht verbesserten Nachbildungen der Standardkurse St. Andrews, Mauna Kea, Covered Bridge und Hapuna ins Rennen geht. Die Animationen der Spieler sind ein wenig geschmeidiger und ein neuer Ein-Klick-Modus macht das Golfen so einfach wie nie zuvor. Das Highlight des Spiels: Der Himmel kann nun mit verschiedenen Wolkenschichten bedeckt werden - von kaum bewölkt bis leicht bewölkt.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Nov, 1999)
Ska jag bara rekomender ett golflir i år, blir det ändå Links LS 2000. Det är ett riktigt höjdarspel, i gammal klassisk Links-anda.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Aber auch mit wenig Innovationen reicht’s ein weiteres Mal für die Krone auf dem PC-Golfplatz. Links hat eine sagenhafte Ballphysik und spielt sich unvergleichlich echt. Kein anderes Programm vermittelt golferisches Freud’ und Leid so überzeugend wie das fesselnde Links LS 2000.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jan, 2000)
Relativ dreist: Microsoft verkauft uns Links LS 1999 mit minimalen Erweiterungen und fünf neuen, nicht gerade leichten Golfplätzen als 2000er-Ausgabe. Na gut, immerhin bleibt Links noch immer die Referenz des munteren Schläger-Schwingens, doch die Grafik wirkt trotz nun mehrfachen Bewölkungsstufen im Zeitalter der eigenen NHL-Gesichter etwas hausbacken. Wie wär's mit vorbeiziehenden Wolken oder wogenden Wellen?
WindowsPC Joker (Jan, 2000)
Zusammen mit dem (besonders bei D3D-Unterstützung) sehr flotten Grafikaufbau und der realistischen Sounduntermalung ergibt sich ein klares Fazit: Der neue Top-Act am Leaderboard ist noch ganz der alte.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Oct 22, 1999)
Нет, я совершенно искренне советую вам поиграть в эту замечательную игру (хотя бы виртуально). Вас ожидают красивые пейзажи, воссозданные с фотографической реалистичностью, восторженные крики поклонников или их же сокрушенные вздохи, пение птиц и стрекотание насекомых. Картину оживляют пролетающие над вашими головами самолеты, дирижабли и воздушные шары, проплывающие по морю корабли и яхты. Посмотреть на свои удары и удары соперников, на конфигурацию поля, на мячи и клюшки можно со всех мыслимых и немыслимых ракурсов. Каждый удар можно записать и сохранить в назидание потомкам, а информации в игре просто море.
WindowsPower Play (Jan, 2000)
Der Markenname Links LS steht seit Jahren für professionelles Golfvergnügen am heimischen PC. Fotorealistische 2D-Grafik, eingängiges Gameplay und uneingeschränkte Multiplayer-Freuden katapultierten die Titel der US-amerikanischen Softwarefirma „Access‘ an die Spitze des Golfgenres. Dabei bewegte sich die Anzahl der Neuerungen stets in sehr überschaubaren Grenzen: Eine Handvoll frischer Kurse und Charaktere hier, ein oder zwei neue Spielmodi und Features da — zu mehr hat es bisher nie gelangt. Diese Strategie der kleinen Schritte führt auch dazu, daß sich „Links LS 2000“ kaum von seinem, zugegebenermaßen exzellenten, Vorgänger unterscheidet.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Feb 02, 2001)
Links LS 2000 promises to deliver beautifully rendered outdoor scenes and a realistic golfing experience. So, is it a hole in one or a triple bogie? Read on for more answers and bad puns. Ok, ok, I’ll keep the puns at a minimum, but I promise a par 5 worth of information.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (2000)
So, what do I think of Links LS 2000, bottom line? Well, if you don’t own any previous Links titles, I’d have to say it’s worth it, though it has some good competition in the form of the Jack Nicklaus series and the EA Sports Tiger Woods title, either of which might be worth a look. If you do own a previous copy of Links, I’d have to say wait for next year’s edition. While there are some nice enhancements, there really isn’t a lot here that you don’t already have. With the increased pressure from the competition, and with Microsoft to back Access up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Links take a quantum leap forward in its next iteration. Meanwhile, I will continue to play this still worthy title. Not bad by any means, I’d say it scores an even par.
WindowsGamezilla (Nov 16, 1999)
If I could have beaten that Scottish caddy silly I probably would have liked the game a lot more, but he is still around harassing me at every swing of the club. Seriously though, I enjoyed playing Links 2000 because it has become the golf game to rate every other golf game by, but I would have liked to see more courses or not so many revolving around St. Andrews. Old Links players will feel right at home picking up LS 2000 and new players will jump right in and enjoy themselves. On that note, gentle reader, I give Links LS 2000 a score of 81/100; it would have scored higher but there just wasn’t enough new stuff to warrant a higher score.
MacintoshMacworld (Apr 01, 2001)
Links LS is at the top of the leader board of golf-simulation games -- no product better captures what it's like to be on the course. Links LS 2000 upholds this standard by featuring lush graphics, a slew of options, and realistic play. Links LS 2000 features six courses, including the Old Course at St. Andrew's. Gaming options include everything from conventional stroke play to novelty games, and setting up network play is easier than sinking a 5-foot putt.
WindowsPC Accelerator (Mar, 2000)
To be quite honest though, Links LS 2000 feels more like an upgrade than a full-fledged product - still not a bad thing.
WindowsGameSpot (Nov 15, 1999)
Links LS 2000 is indeed a different game from its predecessor. But its additional features are so unimpressive both in quantity and quality that there's simply not much reason for owners of the previous version to get excited. In fact, Links LS 2000 feels more like an add-on course bundle than anything else, though five courses for around $40 (after the rebate) is admittedly a pretty good deal.
WindowsGameSpy (Apr 21, 2000)
When all's said and done, Links LS 2000 is one helluva golf title for anyone looking to extend his or her "game" to the PC. You can't go wrong with buying the game if you've yet to experience the brilliance displayed within its predecessor. Then again, Jack Nicklaus 6 might be a title to consider as well in this scenario for its extensive course editor and realistic gameplay. Let's hope Access Software advances the genre with Links LS 2001 like they've done so often in the past… until then, I'm off for another round.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Feb, 2000)
If you own LINKS LS 99, there’s no compelling reason to purchase this version. If you don’t own a golf aim, while LINKS LS 2000 is a good golf game, the wealth of free courses available for JACK NICKLAUS and PGA ‘99 make it hard to recommend LINKS LS 2000 over them. PC golfers can only hope that the next incarnation in this venerable series offers something substantially new.
MacintoshMacNN (Nov 06, 2000)
Playing Links LS 2000, I'm reminded of a quote from Calvin & Hobbes: "Being a parent is wanting to hug and strangle your kid at the same time." The game offers plenty of impressive features, but at the same time still leaves plenty of room for improvement. Golfers are sure to enjoy the title, but without that initial interest gamers may find themselves at a loss with Links LS 2000.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Apr 08, 2000)
Links LS 2000 is a product of complacency. A golfing dynasty without question, the series has garnered more fame, recognition and sales than any product in its genre. The 2000 version remains steadfast in all the series’ greatest accomplishments, but sadly it adds no new ones. There are only a few new features worthy of mention in the 2000 edition, and coupled with the release of other more promising titles on the market, dare I say the king has been dethroned? Yes, let that be said. For the first time in over sixteen years, Links is not the best golf game on the market.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jan 11, 2001)
The back of the jewel case claims that LinksLS 2000 is "the golf game for golfers." This is true; people who know what they're doing will have a grand old time running this game through its hundreds of options and playing its beautiful courses. For everyone else, however, it's...well, it's golf. If you don't subscribe to a golf magazine, you probably don't need this game.