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Back of Case - SegaCD (US):
    A golf game so real, you can almost smell the green.
    (That's a good thing.)

    You are now holding (or at least reading the box of) the most realistic golf game ever, Links for Sega CD. The course mimics Torrey Pines precisely with the best looking and most realistic trees, fairways, and putting greens ever on Sega.

    Oh sure, every other golf game claims to be the "best ever" and "most realistic." They quite possibly feature many of Link's golfing options like:
    • Tournament play,
    • Practice mode, Front 9, Back 9
    • Your choice of Pro, Amateur, or Beginner
    • Instant Replays
    • Save player info
    • Leader board
    • Digitalized sound and screens
    • 3-D putting grid
    But that's where the similarities end. Links for Sega CD goes far beyond the other golf game poseurs with in-depth golf features:
    • Stunning, 35mm aerial fly overs of each hole, so realistic you may get airsick
    • Driving competition
    • 1 to 6 players (while most other games can only handle up to 4 players)
    • Expert Golf Commentator Ben Wright calls the action stroke by stroke
    • Professional Golfer Steve Elkington provides all the insights, hints and tips you'd ever want for a great round of golf
    • Swing feature interface simple and easy to use - you decide how hard to hit the ball
    • Full support of the TeeVGolf Club for the most accurate, realistic and fun golfing experience available
    • "Real Life" technology replicates Torrey Pines course exactly with 35mm photography, placing you behind every tee, fairway, water hazard and bunker - wherever the ball lands - and giving you an accurate view of your next shot.
    No matter which way you chip it, slice it, hook it or drive it, Links for Sega CD is the most realistic golf game around. Even if you can't smell the green.

    Contributed by Freeman (44003) on Apr 23, 2007.

From the back cover:

    Golf simulation so realistic, you'll think you're there!

    It's a beautiful spring day as you prepare to tee off. You gaze down the fairway and notice every detail of your surroundings...the location of each tree...the contour of each hill and slope...the lie of the ball. A day at your favorite course? Not quite, but it's the next best thing. LINKS The Challenge of Golf is a totally realistic golf simulator for your PC that is a quantum leap ahead of any computer golf game that you've ever seen!

    LINKS features include:
    • Stunning 256-color VGA graphics
    • Incredible 3-D contoured terrain
    • Accurate physics of the flight and impact of the golf ball
    • Actual digitized trees & buildings
    • Three levels of game play
      Pro, Amateur & Beginner
    • Adjustable golfer's stance and swing plane
    • All the sounds of true golf...from commentary and wildlife to the sound of your swing

    Here's what the reviewers are saying about LINKS...

    PC Magazine -
    "...LINKS, the most authentic of them all."

    GOLF World - "LINKS graphics [are] far superior to any other computer golf game. LINKS' trees look like trees."

    COMPUTE - "LINKS is a golfer's dream, a chance to play what feels like real golf without ever having to leave home."

    COMPUTER GAMING WORLD - "...LINKS is unequaled by other golf simulators currently on the market."

    LINKS has won COMPUTER GAMING WORLD's Best Action Game of the Year Award for 1991 as well as SPA's Best Sports Simulator in 1990.

    Play Championship Golf Courses on your PC

    The lifeblood of any great golf simulator is the variety of courses you can play. LINKS is rich with authentic re-creations of golf's most challenging and beautiful championship courses. Let LINKS and your PC take you to golf courses you've only dreamed of playing! LINKS Championship Courses are sold separately and requires LINKS The Challenge of Golf.

    • Barton Creek C. C.
      Austin, TX
    • Pinehurst Country Club
      Pinehurst, NC
    • Bay Hill Club & Lodge
      Orlando, FL
    • Firestone Country Club
      Akron, OH
    • Dorado Beach Resort
      Puerto Rico

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Oct 02, 2001.

Advertisement in Compute, November 1990:

    Introducing Total Reality

    This 256-color, true-to-life golf simulator gives you unprecedented 3D graphics... so realistic - so advanced - you'll think you're on the course.

    It's a beautiful Spring morning as you prepare to tee off. You select your #1 driver (ignoring your caddy's wisecrack)... take a practice swing... adjust your stance... and drive one right down the middle for 290 yards. As you approach your second shot, you notice every detail of your surroundings... the location of each tree... the contour of each hill and slope... the lay of the ball...

    A day on your favorite course? Not quite, but it's the next best thing. LINKS... The Challenge of Golf is a totally realistic golf simulator that's a quantum leap ahead of any computer golf game you've ever seen.

    You'll control your game to the degree you prefer... from defaulting to the standard swings... to adjusting your stance, backswing, acceleration, power and snap. With every drive and putt, your ball will act according to the true laws of physics.

    And you'll experience all the sounds of a real tournament... from commentary... to caddy's remarks... to the swoosh of the swing... click of the drive... and bloop of the ball in the water.

    LINKS also includes a practice area for driving, chipping and putting.

    3D Terrain

    LINKS is brought to you by Access Software... the same fanatics for accuracy and realism who gave you World Class Leader Board Golf - and the graphics are unbelievably realistic. Gone are square-edged screens that look like Lego blocks. With LINKS, hills actually look like hills, trees look like trees, water looks like water. (And, yes, golfers even look like golfers.) In fact, LINKS uses graphics technology so advanced that a VGA system is absolutely required for play.

    Experience the next generation of golf simulators. Reserve a Tee Time with LINKS.

    We guarantee you'll absolutely love it - or your money back!

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Sep 29, 2001.