Advertising Blurbs

    "Скорость. Адреналиновый туннель" - совместное издание фирмы "1С" и компании Snowball футуристического гоночного симулятора от Grin.

    Кристально чистая скорость. Без примесей! Перед тобой именно она – прозрачная и очень доступная. Бери ее, наслаждайся ею. А затем взгляни на спидометр и узнай, что ты уже давно перешел звуковой барьер и мчишься навстречу счастью настоящего гонщика.

    Свернувшиеся змеями туннели станут трассами для фантастических машин, парящих в их магнитном поле. Невероятные скорости превратятся для тебя в неисчерпаемый источник адреналина.

    От удовольствия кровь в твоих венах будет сворачиваться калачиком и тихо урчать. Тебе нужно только удержаться на трассе! Прилететь первым! Стать чемпионом! И начать новую гонку. Без скорости тебе уже не прожить.

    Особенности игры

    • скорости на грани возможного – разгонись до сверхзвуковой, почувствуй буйство адреналина и докажи, что быстрее тебя нет никого;
    • фантастические машины – выбери футуристический мотоцикл и оснасти его теми деталями, которыми хочешь: двигателями, обтекателями и многим другим;
    • удивительные трассы – испытай свою реакцию и везение на семи трассах-туннелях в Великом Каньоне, джунглях Белиза и даже в Сибири;
    • захатывающие гонки – сражайся с самыми достойными соперниками и старайся удержаться на трассах, напичканых разнообразными препятствиями;
    • великолепная графика – взгляни в лицо скорости и рассмотри ее каждую черту, благодаря одному из лучших в мире графических движков.

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57980) on Mar 26, 2011.
    This is Ballistics - Velocity in its purest form! Ballistics’ is the Formula One of the future. Needless to say Ballistics is for the extreme speed freaks. Maximizing the use of the very latest 3D cards Ballistics is furiously fast and sweet to your eyes. Ballistics takes place during mans next century. Technology and increasing demand for hazardous entertainment has born a new form of racing. The Ballistics pilots run their hover bikes on magnetic fields inside a track that allows full 360º movement. The races take place in many different settings; all with their own unique design and environment - all shaped to breed the speed.

    Pilots control their hovering Speeders by two systems. One where the Speeder attaches to the tunnel's magnetic field. In this mode the Speeder can strafe 360 degrees around the track still keeping its direction. The benefit is more control in curves and when tackling and overtaking opponents.

    The second control system is enabled by hitting the detach switch on the dashboard and release from the magnetic field. This will enable free motion; loop, roll and turn inside the tunnels. The free movement will allow the pilot to reach certain positions in the track that allow pick up of bonus power ups or price money. The downside of free movement is of course that it is harder to control and can cause crashing at high speeds. Colliding with obstacles will knock the player into detach mode and it is imperative for him to get back on track and attach.

    The game play is built upon almost limitless speed, avoidance of obstacles, collecting of booster fuel and using of cooler zones that are placed along the course. All this while opponents try to overtake and ram you into the tunnel walls in their attempts to snag the first place. Classy moves and extreme courage is rewarded with money. Rushing down the tunnels at well above MACH 2 pilots are in for a real challenge!

    Using the Diesel Engine, Ballistics render from 20,000 to 110,000 thousand polygons in the view port. Adding up to a total sum of over 1500 textures in seven tracks with fully animated environments and light effects, you have a stunning piece of entertainment. Effects like masked chrome, real time lights, reflections, morphing animations, bump mapping, sparks, explosions, rain, snow and fog are all well balanced together with the 3D sound to give the gamer a nice run for money spent on new 3D hardware.

    The high score system features the must haves for an insane racer. Ballistics got track records, lap records for all tracks and levels of difficulty. Rather unique for the genre the players are also able to set Top Speed records. These are the highest speed attained during a race, which you did survive. To gain the overall all time high top speed is a great achievement and something that keeps you chasing down tunnels for hours - now ask yourself, how fast can I really go?!


    *It contains 7 highly detailed and original tracks

    *40 Speeder parts catering for over 10.000 possible Speeder combinations

    *9 tunes composed by a professional musician hired for the Ballistics project.

    *Gameplay which offers a lot of technique to be mastered for the higher divisions while still enabling the user to quickly get into the game on the easier levels.

    *Unique way of gameplay where no maximum speed is presented to the gamers.

    *Heads Up Display system with indicators to ease gameplay and increase the sense of a high tech environment 3D interface with easy navigation

    *Multiplayer system enabling LAN play where up to 8 players can compet

    * Speed beyond what you thought you could handle

    Developer GRIN

    Genre Racing

    Platform PC

    Number of Players 1 - 8

    Release Q4 2001

    Contributed by Stillman (7619) on Aug 28, 2004.