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    Interactive Suspense Fiction

    Get inside a techno thriller as Captain of a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser. You're in for a wild ride as you tackle four different missions across the globe. Only your command skills will determine the outcome of your mission.

    "The story line is timely and extremely interesting." - Stuart F.

    Take command of a US Navy cruiser and change the world

    Terrorists threaten the global economy by targeting maritime shipping.

    Iran fires up another nuclear reactor to boost weapons production.

    North Korea is in reach of deploying submarine-based nukes.


    A Captain's life is a hard one. After nine months of deployment first in Operation Iraqi Freedom and then running drug interdiction along the coasts of South America, your ship and crew need a break. USS Las Vegas calls at the Navy base in Sigonella, Sicily for ship replenishment and crew R&R (that's rest and relaxation for all you landlubbers). before official attachment to the US Sixth Fleet.

    Your one week of desperately needed shore leave at a private villa in Tuscany is canceled the night you arrive. Before you get the chance to unpack your suitcase you're speeding back to your Ticonderoga-class Cruiser, under orders to disembark for The Strait of Gibraltar immediately. Your top priority is to stop al qaeda from achieving their latest objective; the complete disruption of international trade through relentless terrorist attacks on maritime shipping.

    Just one lost freighter can plunge the global economy into chaos as fear drives markets down and runs international trade into the ground. The fate of the modern world itself is at risk if this latest terrorist threat isn't stopped. Enter USS Las Vegas.

    Traveling from the Mediterranean to the Middle East to the Far East, you are tasked with putting an end to the plans and ambitions of terrorists and rogue nations who seek to further their twisted agendas through fear and intimidation.

    Your cruiser's cutting-edge technology and the world's best Special Forces ,SEAL Team 3, are at your command as you carry out your orders to bring order to chaos across the world on this multi-mission naval techno thriller!

    Game Features at a Glance:

    • A compelling plot is wrapped around four different missions in three different regions of the world. Your mission profile runs the range from covert to overt. Your ship starts out in Sicily, cruises to the Strait of Gibraltar, then over to the Middle East to call on Iran and possibly another country, then off to North Korea.

    • Conduct a "virtual tour" of a modern Ticonderoga-class cruiser deck by deck and room by room. From the General Electric LM2500+ gas turbine engines in the engine room to the Vertical Launch System to the Learning Resource Center, the entire ship has been faithfully implemented in 148 rooms.

    • Confront a continuing stream of challenges head-on and see if your military strategy is up to the task. Sometimes the obvious answer is the wrong one. At other times, a covert action will solve an overt problem. As Captain, it's up to you to decide.

    • The game's Naval atmosphere permeates the entire title immersing you in the life of a command officer aboard a Navy vessel.

    • Fans of techno thrillers and suspense fiction will love the continual interplay of the mission profile and the choices made as a commander.

    • Every weapon system is accurately depicted and must be strategically deployed for maximum success. There are many ways to blow stuff up and varying degrees of success along the way!

    • The game is ultra-complex as all possible factors around your multi-mission assignment are effected by your command decisions. A bad decision made at Bushehr can get your ship destroyed on the open sea or on the shores of North Korea. Don't be too alarmed; the superior captain can rectify bad decisions made earlier and still win the game later.

    • Your crew are representative of the greater population of the world today. CPO Calhoun in the galley will be frustrated by her career prospects, Master Chief Williams in the engine room is looking forward to retirement. As for the Commander of SEAL Team 3 - he can get out of control aboard your ship and risk his career in the process. Another member of the crew altogether has his own ideas about the ship's mission and tries his hand at sabotage.

    • Endgame explores a new realm of Interactive Fiction. There is much more prose than a typical title and very different puzzles. The puzzles are the challenges of making the very best command decision possible. At every turn, the story evolves in kind with rich, vivid descriptions of events that unfold in response to the actions of your ship and crew.

    • Lifetime updates of the game in accordance with our zero-tolerance policy on bugs!
    • Free hints are always available by emailing [email protected] -- Your hints are personalized to your situation by the author himself!
    • World-class technical support is available via email or telephone just in case you need it.
    • Endgame has been proven to run very well on absolutely every modern computer in the world.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Aug 17, 2005.