Written by  :  ex_navynuke! (48)
Written on  :  Apr 13, 2005
Platform  :  Linux

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I ought to *love* this game, but I don't...

The Good

Awesome graphics. It has wonderful maps and finely detailed buildings. A neat bonus is the underground sections you can explore, and pop up in a different part of the map.

The Bad

I can't help it... I have to compare this game with its predecessor. And by comparison, this game just doesn't measure up :( I wish that it did.

I can't get past how *busy* the graphics are on the map. Everything is so detailed that it's difficult to spot the important items that you ought to be looking for.

The cities and monsters are more complex than they need to be. I've never gotten past the fact that you have to wave the mouse over just the right place on your city screen to see if it's possible to build a new building.

How many types of cities do you need? Why can't the graphics just be sharpened up and the game play left as it was?

The Bottom Line

HOMM II, but without the simplicity, straightforwardness, and understanding.