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Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns (Linux)

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Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns Credits

Linux Version

Linux version Published and Distributed byLoki Software Inc.
PresidentScott Draeker
Business ManagerYvonne De Sollar
BusybodyKathryn Draeker
ProgrammersSam Lantinga, Dan Olsen
QAMike Phillips (heimdall)
Tech SupportMike Phillips (heimdall)
ArtworkJason Kim
System AdministrationJerrit Collard
Beta TestersScott Blayd Banwart, Lionel Barrow (Salty1), Jules Bean, John Bleichert (Supertzar), Rikard Bosnjakovic (bosna), Dan Bullok, S├ębastien Chaumat (EuldZero), Mike Delaney (madcat), Joe Drew, Corey Edwards (Tensai), Greg Fortune, Steven Fuller, Thomas Gideon (Kusanagi), David Hedbor (NeoTron), jmglov, Brett Malone (Kalus), Charles Mason, Gregory McLean (Centove), MegaSurge, Jeff Mrochuk (Judecca), Brent O'Dell (brento73), Michael Olson (Jaguar), Trevor Phillips (Dortamur), Jon Revie, Yuri Sagalov (Mystro), Pierre Schiesser (death-row), Arne Schmitz (Rapp), Zachary J. Slater (zakk), Lord Soth ‑ BW, Syphonius, Ben Touchette (Druid1), Anton Vaaranmaa, Chuck Valentine (Mullein), Terry Warner (keerf), Niels Weber (Nath), Dave ‑ WormFood.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Iggi (4873)