Railroad Tycoon II (Gold Edition) Credits

Linux Credits

ProgrammingSam Lantinga
Other Linux StuffScott Draeker
Sales & MarketingVeronica Carlson, Lance Colvin
PrintingProforma Printing Corporation
Tech SupportNate Ashford, Brad Barton
EditorsLauren MacDonell, Kathryn Sorhaindo

The Crew

DevelopmentPopTop Software
Game DesignPhil Steinmeyer
ProgrammingPhil Steinmeyer
ArtTodd Bergantz, Paul Mullen, Frank Lutz, David Deen
Historical ResearchFranz Felsl
Scenario DesignFranz Felsl, Frank Lutz
QA LeadRich Kollmeyer
SoundPaul Mullen
Audio/Visual ProductionDoug Myres
Sending PopTop Checks!Rick Stults
LegalHolt Foster


MusicJim Callahan
Outside SuggestionsV. G. Diazoni, Dean Hamilton, Chris McMahon, Pierre-Olivier Milette, Robert Musselman

Other Partners

DocumentationAfter Hours Productions
Original Railroad Tycoon design bySid Meier, Bruce Campbell Shelley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Iggi (10868)