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Tremulous (Linux)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Tremulous Credits


ProgrammingTim Angus (Timbo)
DirectionTim Angus (Timbo)
MappingNick Jansens (jex), Robin Marshall (Overflow), Jan van der Weg (Stannum), Gordon Miller (Godmil), Who‑[Soup], Tristan Blease (jhrx)
TexturingNick Jansens (jex), Jan van der Weg (Stannum), Michael McInerney (Veda), Paul Greveson (MoP)
2D ArtworkNick Jansens (jex)
ModellingRobin Marshall (Overflow), Michael McInerney (Veda), Paul Greveson (MoP)
AnimationRobin Marshall (Overflow), Michael McInerney (Veda)
SoundChris McCarthy (Dolby)
Manual ContentAsa Kravets (Norfenstein)
QAAsa Kravets (Norfenstein)
Design and Balance SuggestionsAsa Kravets (Norfenstein)
Concept ArtCrylar
TexturesYves Allaire (evillair), Randy Reddig (ydnar)
Server HostingRichard Stanway (R1CH)
Early Test Server HostingSt├ęphane Peter (MEGASTeP)
Web HostingSourceforge, TARDIS
Subversion Hostingicculus.org
Special ThanksThe contributors to icculus.org/quake3/
Beta TestersArsonide, Bajoran, Bt, Chamooze, Crylar, Cybernetsam, dzjepp, ectox, Edo, evil poop, Excalibur, FroggyQuim, Idle Wild, juice, Kai, kingping, Lava Croft, MajorPain, MiDiaN, Molog, Mutemode, Asa Kravets (Norfenstein), Orc, Richard Stanway (R1CH), Ratti, Ravyn, Salteh, Sandy, SharkDog, slux, Suddien, Supa, Survivor, Swie, sysrq, TerrorEast, Tyler, Vitae, Woo
Also Thanksbabyomen, Carc, djbob, Grim, Grytviken, Gumby, heimdall, Hellbringer, Hentai, Mighty_Pea, Psylo, Reaper‑1, RR2D02, Saig, Smack, T‑bone, The GtkRadiant people, The inhabitants of Quake3World, ThePyro, TTimo, ValouR

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (361104)