VVVVVV Credits


VVVVVV is a game byTerry Cavanagh
and features music byMagnus Pålsson
Roomnames are byBennett Foddy
Ported to C++ bySimon Roth
Beta Testing bySam Kaplan, Pauli Kohberger
Ending picture byPauli Kohberger
VVVVVV is supported by the following patronsAnders Ekermo, Andreas Kämper, Anthony Burch, Bennett Foddy, Brendan O'Sullivan, Christopher Armstrong, Daniel Benmergui, David Pittman, Ian Bogost, Ian Poma, Jaz McDougall, John Faulkenbury, Jonathan Whiting, Kyle Pulver, Markus Persson, Nathan Ostgard, Nick Easler, Stephen Lavelle
and also byAdam Wendt, Andreas Jörgensen, Ángel Louzao Penalva, Ashley Burton, Aubrey Hesselgren, Bradley Rose, Brendan Urquhart, Chris Ayotte, Christopher Zamanillo, Daniel Schuller, Hybrid Mind Studios, Emilie McGinley, Francisco Solares, Hal Helms, Hayden Scott-Baron, Hermit Games, Ido Yehieli, Jade Vault Games, James Andrews, James Riley, James Hsieh, Jasper Byrne, Jedediah Baker, Jens Bergensten, Jeremy J. Penner, Jeremy Peterson, Jim McGinley, Jonathan Cartwright, John Nesky, Jos Yule, Jose Flores, Josh Bizeau, Joshua Buergel, Joshua Hochner, Kurt Ostfeld, Magnus Pålsson, Mark Neschadimenko, Matthew Antonellis, Matthew Reppert, Michael Falkensteiner, Michael Vendittelli, Mike Kasprzak, Mitchel Stein, Sean Murray, Simon Michael, Simon Schmid, Stephen Maxwell, Swing Swing Submarine, Tam Toucan, Terry Dooher, Tim W., Timothy Bragan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alsy (17739)