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  • 3rd Party Aircraft models for X-Plane (An X-Plane aircraft production, distribution, and development site. It features over 30 unique and premium quality add-on aircraft models for the flight simulator X-Plane. Its design covers Piper, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Cessna and Corporate aircraft, along with Helicopters and X-series aircraft concept designs.)
  • Dutch X-Plane Scenery Development (Home of a small team of scenery developers focusing on creating scenery for X-Plane covering the Netherlands. This team has been creating scenery since X-Plane v.4.)
  • French X-Plane scenery development (Home of SkyDream, a dedicated French scenery development team for X-Plane. Their releases cover the French Riviera, Nice, Cannes, and more.)
  • German X-Plane Scenery Development (Home of the German team of scenery developers for X-Plane. Its releases cover Northern, Southern Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland, using high resolution satellite images.)
  • Global Scenery for X-Plane (Home of the Global Scenery for X-Plane. It shows through galleries what the 60 Gigabytes of scenery can offer, and which areas of the globe are covered. Highlights are Grand Canyon, Australia, Austria, Egypt, and New Zealand (to name a few of the 30+ galleries listed).)
  • Navigation Aid and Airport Data for X-Plane (This site publishes data that provides details of all the airports, runways, taxiways, navigation aids (NDBs, VORs, VORTACs, DMEs and ILS components) and IFR intersections (aka "fixes") and global high and low airways for the X-Plane and FlightGear flight simulators. New data is released on a regular 28-day update cycle. It is based upon freely-available US Government Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) data, supplemented with gracious submissions by many X-Plane users. It is maintained by Robin Peel.)
  • Plug-In Enhancements for X-Plane (This site is mainly focused on enhancing the X-Plane flight simulator with the use of plug-ins. Plug-ins can expand capabilities of the core X-Plane simulation. Plug-ins can add extra flight planning, and specific animation during flight, as well as supply online flying capabilities by connecting to virtual flying networks.)
  • The X-Plane FAQ (The FAQ site for X-Plane covering all aspects of X-Plane, including the platform it's running on. It covers installing and upgrading, configuration, making it work, flying and navigation, resources, version 5, 6, 7 and 8, detailed history, networking, video cards and hardware, aircraft - format and conversion, PlaneMaker and Aircraft Construction, Generation 8 Global Scenery, scenery, airports, and navaids, building scenery, theory)
  • Third Party Scenery for X-Plane ( is home to premier object-based scenery for X-Plane. Its goal is to provide some of the highest quality add-on scenery for the X-Plane flight simulator application (versions 7 & 8).)
  • X-Plane (The official website. Also includes info on side projects of the designer of X-Plane (Austin Meyer).)
  • X-Plane Flight Planning Software (GoodWay is the main software for generating flight plans for X-Plane. It uses all of the navaids and the airports of X-Plane - which are based on real life data. It allows you to create your own fight plan or it can generate one for you automatically. This site also provides links to other utilities and enhancements for X-Plane.)
  • (The place for newsgroups, plane models, and scenery downloads, and online flying.)

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