Liquisity Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Starting tutorial
Riding a bubble fountain
Feeling like a fish out of water?
Use the jets to build up momentum and jump to the goal
This isn't too hard, the walls are making things safer
A more complicated level, requiring us to go up and around
Smashing glass with the Heavy ball
These power-ups change the type of our ball, allowing us to tackle different problems.
This requires careful aim.
Grab this metal ball so that you can get to the right-hand side of the level
A threatening-looking mass of blades
Pinball time
Okay, that's just mean. I can't see anything on this level!
This is going to be a bumpy ride
The misspelled "Selzer" ball
You can make this ball float upwards
Wait for the ball to dissolve a bit and shrink in size
A complex setup
We need to flip a series of switches. The white bonuses at the bottom restore the ball to its full size.
You need to get through this entire obstacle course with one selzer ball
Level editor