Livingstone, I Presume? Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Starting location
I fell into a cave.
I made it to this cliff. Good show, ol' chap!
I fell into the quick sand. Hard cheese, ol' boy.
This guy will shoot you.
The monkeys throw coconuts.
I can ride the log.
I was beaned by a coconut.

Amstrad PCW version

Loading screen
Trying to figure out the first screen and its hidden dangers

Atari ST version

Title screen
This is were you start
Killed by the snake
Hmm, how am I supposed to flip that switch?
Better watch out for the monkey, it might be dangerous

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Using the pole to jump
Fell into the moor
In a cave

DOS version

Title Screen
In game
Damn monkey!
Oh no! moving sands!
Hmm... the dangerous subsoil...
Launching a boomerang
I fell again in the subsoil...
A carnivore plants
I'm in the claws of an eagle!
Is that Dr. Livingstone ?

MSX version

Loading screen (MSX 2 version)
Title screen (MSX 2 version)
Trap (MSX 2 version)
Caught in the trap (MSX 2 version)
Hit with a coconut by the monkey (MSX 2 version)
Carried by the eagle (MSX 2 version)
Death by quicksand (MSX 2 version)
Title screen (MSX 1 version)
Starting location (MSX 1 version)
Fell into acave (MSX 1 version)
I died (MSX 1 version)

ZX Spectrum version

Presentation (English version, 1987)
Title Screen
Starting game
Knife is one of your deadly weapons
Oh no! A trap!
You can be absorved by moving sands
Title Screen (Spanish version, 1986)
In a trap again