LMA Manager 2002 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen. The game was played using an emulator and the screen size may have dropped a pixel as a result
The game starts with the usual logos. They are followed by an animated sequence that follows the team from the dressing room to the pitch accompanied by a thumping music track
The game's main menu is pretty sparse. From top to bottom the icons represent New Game, Friendly match, Load Game, View High Scores, and Options
The View High Scores option holds records for the full season and the eight other challenges
The team selection screen. The same screen is used whether the full game or one of the challenges is played. Teams are selected by country, division, and then by name
Players must enter their name and the gale allows for a decent length
The full game starts with three pre-season friendly matches. The player can play teams from any division or country, or the game can choose opponents for them
Here the player is managing a third division team in Scotland but the game tracks the bigger picture
Lots and lots of menus to work through. L1/R1 scroll through the categories, here Finance is selected, while L2/R2 scroll through the sub categories or in this case the different reports
There are controls to customise individual player's training, shown here. There are similar controls to develop the youth team too
The degree of control extends to managing the revenue generated by the advertising hoardings. Does it really cost that much per week?
In-game help showing what the buttons do. Always welcome.
The first friendly of the season. Here the player sits back and watches the match. They cannot control the play but they can change team tactics and make substitutions
The triangle brings up an in-game help screen. Swapping from names to numbers is a useful option because names are not very clear in bad weather
The game can be interrupted so that statistics can be reviewed and changes can be made
Every goal is followed by an action replay that can be viewed from different angles
All goals are followed by a replay.