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SEGA's website featuring 10 third party Saturn hits:
    One of the best 32-bit action/adventure games comes to the Sega Saturn. Take on the psychotic persona of one of six chronically pissed-off homicidal mutants and blast out of the brutal planet RAULF so you can slash and splatter your way across a lawless and unforgiving 3D-morphing galaxy.

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magazine advertisement - Playstation (US):
    What Good Is A Sony(r) Playstation(tm) If It Isn't

    "Possibly the bloodiest title of the year." - Game Players

    15 Enormous Levels To Explore
    3D Morphing Terrain

    fwank: When I find F.U.B. my balloon will be red, he will go splatt!, and I'll carve him up into bite-sized chunks so I can feed him to my fuzzy bear Percy.

    KILLER TIP: not a speed demon -- go in blastin' or else risk getting surrounded.
    WEAPON OF CHOICE: Neutron Spheres
    SUPER WEAPON: Homing Teddies

    (Source: back cover of Image's "Strikeback" #1, Jan 1996.)

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    Loaded has a reputation - the first PlayStation game to receive an 18 rating. Not too surprisingly, either as the blood runs thick and fast in this cartoon-style, almost but not quite, top-down manic blaster.

    The object is simple: progress through the 15 huge levels, collect the keys to open corresponding coloured doors, shoot everything that moves and reach the exit. Sound simple? It isn't. With hundreds of psychotic villains on screen at any one time, cutting a swathe through the enemy and keeping intact isn't easy.

    Loaded is one tough nut to crack, and will have the most hardened shoot-em-up fiends reaching for the coffee in the early hours. You have been warned . . .

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Magazine Ad - EGM #87, October 1996:

    What Good is a Sega Saturn if it isn't LOADED?

    • ButCh goes to the Dentist to ReLaX LOADED
    • NO MorE RuNniNg Out oF AMmo. GEt LOADED
    • FWaNk Wuz HeRE
    • "I AM NOT A RoLe ModeL!" - Mama
    • When you wake up in PRISON framed by some FAT UGLY Boy, and the GROUND Ripples beneath your feet--you're not DRUNK or F*%@ED up on dRUGS--you're LOADED

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Apr 06, 2004.

Press Release:

    Highlights include a power-packed soundtrack featuring Pop Will Eat Itself!

    Irvine, California, December 15, 1995 -- Interplay Productions announced today the release of the highly-anticipated PlayStation title Loaded. This, the first PlayStation title from Interplay, features impressive game art designed by Greg Staples of 2000 A.D. and Judge Dredd fame, and is licensed by Interplay from leading U.K. publisher/developer Gremlin Interactive Ltd..

    This galactic shoot-'em-up game debuts on the Sony PlayStation with a SEGA Saturn release set to hit stores in the second quarter of 1996. Loaded features a fantastic soundtrack featuring the hits "R.S.V.P." and "Kick to Kill" from the British music sensation Pop Will Eat Itself. The title's features also include unique "terrain morphing," two-player simultaneous action, armed combat, puzzle-solving/strategy elements, a colorful selection of characters, and a plethora of impressive blasts and explosions, all set in a vast adventure environment backed by a pulsating soundtrack.

    "We anticipate a great response from PlayStation gamers. This is the game they have been waiting for!" explained Karen Schohan, console marketing manager for Interplay Productions. "With such intense game play, and great music from Pop Will Eat Itself, we are sure this will be at the top of gamers' wish lists."

    Sony has backed the title by confirming the title's inclusion in their Sony PlayStation Sampler 1, where Loaded is featured as an interactive demo. This sampler will be packaged with the hardware, showcasing PlayStation games that boast the capabilities of their system. Interplay is the only third-party publisher with a title on the sampler.

    Loaded, a contender for the number one position in the action game category, has also garnered widespread attention in game enthusiasts' magazines. The title has already appeared as the cover stories of four different magazines, and has already amassed several multi-paged magazine editorial in many others.

    Since 1984, U.K. based Gremlin Interactive has been an award-winning developer and publisher of home interactive software for a variety of computer and console systems. Using only the most up-to-date technology and available equipment such as the in-house motion capture studio, Gremlin is presently developing titles for PC CD-ROM, Sony PlayStation, SEGA Saturn and other consoles. Gremlin Interactive titles include Slipstream 5000, Jungle Strike and Desert Strike on various platforms, the European mega-hits Zool and Zool 2, and the Top Gear series.

    Founded in 1983, Interplay Productions is a company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a wide range of award-winning entertainment and educational software designed by gamers, for gamers. Interplay, MacPlay (the company's Macintosh division), VR Sports (the company's sports division) and its affiliates release products for IBM and compatibles, CD-ROM and Macintosh as well as leading console game platforms. In 1995, Interplay acquired Shiny Entertainment, makers of the world-wide hit video game Earthworm Jim™. Interplay's OEM division represents over 250 titles from publishers including Davidson & Associates, Inc., Viacom New Media and Accolade to hardware manufacturers. Interplay titles include Descent, Cyberia, Virtual Pool, Dungeon Master II: The Legend Of Skullkeep, Stonekeep, Frankenstein: Through The Eyes Of The Monster™ and Loaded.

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Back of Box:
    “Possibly the bloodiest title of the year.” Game Players

    “What exactly does Game Pro think of (Loaded)?
    “Awesome” would be a good word.” Game Pro (U.K.)

    Featured on Game Players’ and Die Hard Game Fans’ Top Ten Most Wanted lists.

    Take on the psychotic persona of one of six chronically pissed off homicidal mutants and blast out of the brutal planet RAULF so you can slash and splatter your way across a lawless and unforgiving 3-D morphing galaxy.

  • Radical terrain morphing effects turn the laws of physics upside down. Blister the ground beneath your feet, create huge explosions, send shock waves of death, and more.

  • Create awesome explosions with Sonic Blasts, Frog Missles, Neutron Spheres and other unique and devastating weaponry.

  • Overhead view with zoom in and out capability gets you into the action.

  • Multiple power-ups, special moves, and skill bonuses.

  • 1 or 2 players.

  • Hardcore Soundtrack includes tracks by Pop Will Eat Itself.

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