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PlayStation version

Getting shot by the characters in the intro cinematic.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Character select. Six psychos with unique weapons and stats.
The loading screen sets up your objective.
Bloody violent action.
The first few levels have you escaping from prison.
Some objects can be shot to explode.
Blasting away with Fwank the Clown.
Yellow guards have keycards.
Heavy use of colored lighting effects.
Each character has a different special attack.
You can zoom in on the action, if you like.
Butch's flamethrower makes short work of crowds.
End of level stats.
Bounca puts his missile launcher to use.
Screen-clearing special.
Cap N Hands cleans out the space station.
No shortage of bodies.
Mamma's plasma gun is quite effective.
He's on a rampage!
Look at those light effects go!
Vox uses wrist-mounted blasters.
Breaking out of the prison yard.
Not even dogs are spared.
Mini-boss fight.
Between-mission cinemas. Here, you run out of gas.

SEGA Saturn version

Main menu
Who is the psycho of your trust?
The carnage goes on ...
Enemies can't move through doors for which we have no key card.
Bitten the dust