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Lode Runner

Advertising Blurbs

Windows Phone App Store description:
    Lode Runner Classic contains all of the block-blasting mayhem of the original 1983 smash hit, in which the untiring Runner faces off against relentlessly pursuing enemies in level after level of gold-grabbing gluttony.

    The game contains all 150 original levels and mimics the manipulable, original enemy AI. Build your high score as you play through levels sequentially in Expedition mode or whittle down your level completion times in Time Attack mode! Both modes support leaderboards.

    • 150 puzzling levels – all unlocked and accessible
    • Clever, non-disposable enemies
    • New magnification effect – zoom the action around the Runner
    • Multiple play speeds – super slow to superfast action
    • 2 control schemes – virtual D-pad and touch controls
    • Illustrated How to Play section
    • Xbox LIVE Achievements and Leaderboards

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (15550) on Jan 16, 2014.

Advertisement in Ahoy! Issue #1 (January 1984):
    Here's a game that will never stop challenging you. That's because Lode Runner is more than a spellbinding, fast-action game with its 150 different mind-boggling game screens. Lode Runner is also an easy-to-use Game Generator that lets you create your own games. Without any knowledge of programming, you can easily design unique Lode Runner screens, then bring them to action-packed life. You will maneuver through scene after scene, running, jumping, drilling passages and outfoxing enemy guards in a secret underground hideaway as you pick up chests of gold stolen from citizens of the Bungeling Empire. There's no end to the thrills, chills and challenge. Of course, it's from Brøderbund! For the Apple II, II+ and IIe. Coming soon for the: Atari home computers (disk and cartridge); Atari 5200™ Super System; Commodore 64™; VIC-20™; IBM® PC.

    Contributed by Tracy Poff (1670) on Jun 05, 2012.

www.hudsonentertainment.com - Wii:
    The number of Lode Runner games that have been made since its inception in 1983 is staggering. This series has graced almost all of the best consoles known to man for over 20 years! Now you can re-live your old-school glory days with the release of Lode Runner for Wii™ Virtual Console™!

    You are Lode Runner, a lone adventurer out to retrieve a hidden treasure from the evil Bungeling Empire. Use your wits to outpace the evil robot minions (hey, is that Bomberman?!) and scoop up the piles of gold as you search for an exit from each level. Be careful though, don’t underestimate the enemy in this classic puzzle adventure! If you get cornered, use your vaporizer gun to zap the floor from under their feet! Don’t spend too long laughing gleefully at your ill-fated foes though, they can recover quickly.

    Play through 50 levels in order to complete your quest. Each stage presents its own challenges. What at first may seem to be a mild paced puzzle game quickly becomes a fast paced, nail-biting, fight for survival as you try to figure out how to reach every pile of gold while fending off the relentless hordes of baddies!

    Like other Lode Runner games, the NES version was popular for its level editor. Create your own levels and challenge yourself and your friends in 2 player mode! Download Lode Runner for Virtual Console™ and play one of the most addictive puzzle adventure games ever created!

    Contributed by DreinIX (9417) on May 25, 2008.

Nintendo Press Release - Wii (US):
    Lode Runner® (NES®, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 500 Wii Points): This landmark action-puzzle game has been a worldwide fixture in video games from the moment of its inception until today, producing many sequels and related products along the way. The player controls the hero, or "Runner," who collects gold nuggets located around every stage, all the while avoiding capture by enemy robots. The action itself is simple, but the stages are designed as increasingly challenging puzzles, and none of the 50 stages is as easy as it seems. The Runner avoids enemies by digging holes in the floor to the right and left of his position—by doing this, he can clear a path to places that, at first glance, seem unreachable. Players must use their brains to collect all the gold nuggets in every puzzling stage if they want to escape to the next. In addition to normal play, this version of the game features an Edit Mode that allows players to design their own stages, adding a new level of enjoyment to the game.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4617) on Jun 25, 2007.

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide (1987):


    Power-hungry leaders of the repressive Bungeling Empire, a nation of car-driving, burger eaters, have stolen a king's ransom in gold from the people by means of excessive fast-food taxes, particularly from the drive-in windows. Someone must recover the gold or the food chain will be broken and the people will suffer a long and painful death by starvation and burger withdrawal.

    GAME PLAY: As a Galactic Commando, you must infiltrate enemy lines and gain entry to 50 different treasury rooms to recover the stolen gold from each level. As you stealthily make your way through the dark and seemingly endless maze of rooms, you must evade the hairy, brutal and murderous Bungeling Guards, who are dying to have you for dessert. To escape their clutches, you must jump, climb, and drill your way through stone floors and barriers, with the help of your trusty laser pistol. To outsmart the deadly, and ever-hungry Bungeling Guards, you'll need more than burgers for brains. But remember, they don't call them bungeling for nothing.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4617) on Mar 26, 2004.

From the Brøderbund Software Catalog 1987-1988:

    A treasure hunt - galactic-style!

    It starts with a nasty empire, a stolen fortune in gold, and merciless Bungeling guards. You're a highly trained Galactic Commando. Your mission is to recover the gold taken from the Bungeling people by their own power-hungry leaders. You'll be running, jumping, climbing, solving puzzles, and drilling through stone floors and barriers with your laser drill. Will you get the gold? That depends on how quick and clever you are...

    Contributed by Belboz (6504) on Sep 02, 2001.

Back Cover:

    You are a highly trained Galacric commando deep in enemy territory. Power hungry leaders of the repressive Bungeling Empire have stolen a fortune in gold from the peace loving people, and you've just discovered their secret underground treasury. Your goal? To recover every last ingot of Bungeling booty. You'll be running, jumping, and climbing heroically, solving perplexing puzzles, and drilling passageways through stone floors and barriers using your laser drill pistol. You'll need more than fleet feet and good looks to get through this mission alive. You'll need your quick wits and brains!


    LODE RUNNER is more than a fast-action game. It's a game generator that lets you design your own puzzles and scenes! You can move, add, and take away countless ladders, floors, trap doors, crossbars, gold chests, and Bungeling enemies. It's easy, and there's no end to the variatons, challenge and fun!

    • An arcade style game with 150 different puzzles and scenes
    • Design your own puzzles! No programming knowledge required!

    Contributed by demonlord (86) on Aug 23, 1999.