Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Screenshots

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Windows 3.x version

At the beginning you can create your own zoombinis or just pick up some randomly created ones
The journey begins...
An overview on the 12 different puzzles
The first puzzle: The Allergic Cliffs; the cliffs are allergic against specific Zoombinis
The second puzzle: The Stone Cold Caves; the guards only let specific Zoombinis pass
The third puzzle: Pizza Pass; you have to find out the toppings that Arno likes to pass
The Pizza Pass puzzle in a higher level
Captain Cajun's Ferryboat; you have to put Zoombinis with similar characteristics together
Captain Cajun's Ferryboat in a higher level
Titanic Tattooed Toads; you have to find your way through the labyrinth by choosing the right toad with the right characteristic to cross the plants
Stone Rise; you have to gather the Zoombinis with the same characteristics on the right stones
The Stone Rise puzzle in a higher level
Fleens!; you have to lure the three Fleens off the branch to release the bees
Hotel Dimensia; you have to gather the Zoombinis with the same characteristics in the right rooms
Hotel Dimensia in a higher level
Mudball Wall; you have to hit the right parts of the wall by choosing the colour and the symbol of the mudball
The Mudball Wall puzzle in a higher level
The Lion's Lair; you have to put the Zoombinis in the right order following the symbols on the wall
The Lion's Lair in a higher level
Mirror Machine; you have to find the matching reflections for the Zoombinis
The Mirror Machine puzzle in a higher level
Bubblewonder Abyss; you have to lead the Zoombinis through the maze
Bubblewonder Abyss in a higher level
Finally you reached the new home of the Zoombinis: Zoombiniville