Lone Wolf: The Mirror of Death Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
The game starts with you falling down.
Find the right moment to get pass the spitting gargoyles - one hit, and you fall all the way down again.
The ladder are drawn in ...
... to make room for a fancy mirror match.
The reaper stands still, but fires constantly at you.

Commodore 64 version

Main menu
First screen, you get hit from the beginning.
This spot is really annoying to get past.

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Another video game where birds are annoying as hell
Fight against an evil doppelgänger
The Mirror of Death has the clunky controls on its side. I'm powerless against this.
Tower of Fear (1993 re-release) title screen
Long ladder
I killed Doppelgänger!
Use your 6th sense!

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Game menu The sounds option cycles through music + FX, FX only, music only, no sound
Kai Skills selection. The options are PSI Surge, Mindshield, Kinship, Invisibility, Weapon Skill, Sixth sense, Healing and Divinity. As each is selected it moves to the list into the top of scren
Action key redefinition
Start of game. Both the gargoyle and the door spit sharp spinning things. I start in range of the door so I immediately take a hit. The gargoyle fires over my head and is only a problem when climbing
A handy feature is the game pause.
No need to gloat! I pressed QUIT in error here.
Successfully past the gargoyle and over the gap, which is randomly filled with a spinning blade. Onwards and upwards.
These birds are a problem. I fall off my ladder whenever one comes even remotely close.
Past the birds and still climbing
Here I need to make it to the ladder. There's two gargoyles firing at me. Their range is limited so it is possible to edge up close and time my run
This is where all that climbing gets me. As I clear the ladder it disappears along with the other two ladders...
.. and a shadow 'me' drops in for a fight. There are now two health bars in the bottom centre of the screen. He's the purple one and he's much more healthy than me.
I've lost another life, indicated by the two dead skulls on the bottom left. Still the new life has given me more health.
My alter ego is using the KAI power of invisibility. I know this because I thought he was deas and I tried to walk to the left, only to be stopped and hit by something.
Defeated him, climbed the right and the chasm at the top forces me to explore to the right.
Some sort of ghost that spits nasty stuff bars my way
Past the ghost and up another ladder
My first lift and I'm making a leap before the falling cannon ball hits me
To progress I must time the leap onto the other lift and avoid being shot by the gargoyle or hitting one of the whirling blade things.