Loom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Difficulty selection
Copy protection
Title screen
Introductory cut-scene
Main game scale
Overview of the Weavers' village
Interacting with the environment
This tent looks promising...
Roomier on the inside!
The plot thickens
Another cut-scene and the titular Loom(tm)
A grim-looking NPC
Now things really get moving
Armed with a staff, Bobbin must determine how to proceed
Casting a spell
Magic in action!
The gulls appreciate the spell's opening effects on the clam.

DOS version

Lucasfilm company logo (EGA)
Title screen
Bobbin Threadbare
The Elders' tent
Elder Atropos
Attacked by a swan
The Emerald City
Learning the "Dyeing" and "Emptying" spells (Expert mode) (EGA)
Graveyard - Looks like the owl has preparations for dinner (Expert mode) (EGA)
If only spinning straw into gold works in real life (Expert mode) (EGA)
Peering into the future (Expert mode) (EGA)
That's one big waterspout! Time to un-waterspout it...(Expert mode) (EGA)
Voila! The terror spell does wonders to the local thugs! (Expert mode) (EGA)
Welcome to Dragon Airways...the only way to fly! (EGA)
That's one big anvil! (EGA)
This is where all the Weavers go in the end... (EGA)
Title screen (VGA/CDROM)
The Weaver Island (VGA/CDROM)
This is you, Bobin Threadbare (VGA/CDROM)
The camps (VGA/CDROM)
The Loom (VGA/CDROM)
A view of the Great Hall (VGA/CDROM)
Your first clue (VGA/CDROM)
Copy protection (Hebrew version)
Introduction (Hebrew version)
Lady Cygna's grave (Hebrew version)
The elders (Hebrew version)
Dame Hetchel (Hebrew version)
Lord Atroposs (Hebrew version)
Storm could be add one letter (VGA)
Magician's joke (VGA)
Dragon's house (VGA)
Blacksmith's guild (VGA)
Bad's castle (VGA)
Lucasfilm logo (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The game beginning (CGA)

FM Towns version

So many ways to play Loom...
Ah, the magical game begins...
Oookay... if you say so
Bobbin at the starting location
Down at the village
Hmm... lots of laundry
Now I can become a jazz musician!
Lady Cygna's grave
One of the Elders - no question here, this version looks much better than the PC EGA version
Meeting the Shepherds
Inside Crystalgard - note the combination of two graphic styles: the whole bottom of the screen was taken from the EGA version without any changes
The sick little lamb
Captured by the dragon
Inside the labyrinth
Bobbin looks into the future, but this particular motif wasn't used in the game
The Shore of Wonder - here I must admit: I really think it looks better in EGA
Rusty tells his side of the story
Another little example of designer laziness: the view is in VGA, but the rift - in EGA

Macintosh version

Manual copy protection
Hilltop - game start
The village
Entering the village
Exploring the tents
Fell off the pier into the water
The graveyard
Entering the Guild of the Weavers
The Guild of the Weavers
The Loom
Using my staff to open the clam

TurboGrafx CD version

Choose your difficulty level!
Magical logo :)
...and magical title screen
Bobbin begins the game, all alone...
Options screen is different in TurboCD version
Going down to the village
Gulls & clams
The Eyes of Darkness...
Found a distaff!
Fool around with the clothes, coloring it green
Owls & rabbits
Lady Cygna's tomb
Leaving the island
Which draft to cast on this whirlwind?..
Beautiful shore
Emerald City?..
Conversation with Bishop Mandible, one of the game's villains
Invisible shepherds? Not good...

Windows version

Company logo.
Main title.
Opening cinematic.
On top of the mountain, starting your adventure.
Elders quarrel amongst themselves.
Acquiring the weaving staff at the temple.
In the village.
The village lab.
Acquiring the melody of light from the owls.
Trying to open the grave.
Trying to unwind the tornado.
Our hero is not afraid of getting a little wet for as long as it's for a greater cause.
A city entirely made of crystal.
Overhearing a rather shady conversation.
A crystal ball predicts your future and shows you what to do next.
Scaring a bunch of shepherds by turning into a dragon.
Camouflaging the sheeps to protect them from the dragon.
This dragon is apparently afraid of fire.
Casting a light in the dark cave.
Untwisting the bridge to create a path across the gap.
This boy fell asleep while looking for some dry wood.
Trying to enter the forge.

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