Loop: Iginahi no Kaikiten Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu with idiotic English translation of the title
Mysterious intro...
Nozomi and Hikari
Surrealistic images...
The strange young man appears... yup, it's a man, not a girl, I also had doubts
The purple-haired owner of the mansion
Hentai for women? Or for gays? :)
Wow, wow, wow...
Great food!
Swimming in the pool
I think this is just the right size
I want to say good night..
...before I begin masturbating, accompanied by 3 pages of repetitive text
View of the mansion
Strange clothes...
Trying to get rid of that thing...
She is EVIL! Right? What do you think?
Interesting censorship...
Lesbian oral sex
Oh no! You can't leave me here, I need... err... more bras
Groovy peacock-like thing
Okay, here it gets disgusting...