The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen (German)
Main menu (German)
Legolas and some archers try to clear a bridge in Helm's deep.
Gandalf has a powerful strike when in 'Perfect mode'.
Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli form one of the three groups in Return of the King.
Most battles features multiple enemies, up to fifty!
Sam, Frodo & Smeagol have to stay clear of the all-seeing eye of the Nazghul.
All models have been built-up using motion capture techniques.
The ents are a powerful ally.
Gandalf enchants his staff to launch a powerful ranged attack
The environments are highly interactive.
The king of the dead, one of the most difficult opponents, although he's to be found early on in the game.
The glowing creatures in the mist create a spooky ambiance.
A health bar is displayed over the toughest foes.
Gandalf defens the walls of Minas Tirith.
Powerful combos can wipe out multiple enemies.
Sam has more sneaky special abilities such as Invisibility.
The mighty Shelob captures Frodo.
Large structures built on elephants threaten the king.
Monsters move swiftly and are huge.
Lots of attention has been put in making the characters life-like.
The gate to Mordor is filled with a huge army.
The Nazghul puts a lot of pressure on Frodo during the game.
Aragorn is about to strike with a mighty Orc reaver combo.
cut-scene from movie
Dust of the dead
Gandalf - mage and great warrior
bell smash enemy
Hobbit Sam in travel to rescue Frodo
Shelob's children
another cut-scene
many enemies - for gandalf, no problem.
ghosts with wooden shields.