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Come hither, my lord.
Your current title determines the amount of mana you receive and the artifact you can use, among others.
The world map is just a bunch of dots.
Most of the game time is spent on waiting in queues.
Besides quests, there are also guides that can help you get the hang of the game by completing simpler goals.
The city in its entirety.
All the raids are done via the Region map, this time a Forest dungeon.
Queues, queues, queues.
Oooh, spooky.
The fortune teller rewards you with a free random artifact.
Upgrading the Town Hall unlocks new tiers of buildings available for construction.
Research is only possible with purified resources, and the only way to obtain them is to have a level 10 Moonglow Tower.
Shop. The ministers can add more slots to the recruitment and building queues, but also do all your dirty work.
How can people raise buildings directly on the road is beyond me.
Dungeon raid outcome and report.
Quests give players boring rewards.
Epic creatures or bosses such as this Moloch await to be defeated. They may be placed randomly on the map every day and have different levels of difficulty.
Winning alliances.
These hideouts are hidden storage places that protect some of the resources from being plundered by invading players.