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Amiga 5 3.9
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
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Combined User Score 5 3.9

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Commodore 64Zzap! (Nov, 1990)
Without doubt, Lords of Chaos is a C64 classic. The variations in play are enormous. The combat options will satisfy any tactician, the artificial intelligence of the "baddies" is certainly up the job required, the graphic and sound are first class, the replay value is high - you even get a friendly tutorial piece at the beginning of the manual! If you want a game that oozes good, old fashioned quantify, offers value for you hard earned money and challenge that'll keep you to the early hours - buy Lords of Chaos
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Oct, 1990)
With its novel fantasy theme LoC makes a welcome change from the glut of modern war games. It's playability also makes it worth a look for newcomers to strategy games.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jun, 1990)
A whopper of a game - perhaps not the kind of fodder to keep die-hard arcadesters happy, but D&D fans, sword and sorcery nuts and strategy enthusiasts will absolutely lap it up. If you fall even vaguely into any of these categories then you'll certainly want to check out Lords Of Chaos.
Laser Squad was a popular release and so it seems natural to use the same formula this time with Lords of Chaos and try to improve upon it. This Mythos have done with clear, recognisable graphics and a comprehensive manual. Sound is lacking but it would only be a problem with an arcade game. Control is by joystick or keys and is initially confusing making it a tricky game to get straight into but absorbing once you gone to the trouble.
Atari STAtari ST User (Jul, 1991)
There's something magical about Lords of Chaos, just as there was about the original. The element of chance has been reduced, making the game more skilful and the extra scenarios provide even more challenge. These additional scenarios can be bought from the suppliers. It's more involved than chaos so fans of the original might be turned off at first. Keep an open mind and enjoy it though - this one is a good buy.
AmigaAmiga Force (Feb, 1994)
[Budget re-release] A well-designed fantasy adventure with a strong strategy element.
Atari STST Format (Jul, 1997)
Lords of Chaos is for more studious game-players. It takes some time to work out what to do, and there's not much frantic action, but that doesn't make it a bad game - strategy fans and RPGers are going to enjoy it. This is a refreshing change from shoot'em-ups and wargames with ten-inch thick manuals.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (May, 1990)
Lords of Chaos will please all fans of Laser Squad and strategy games because it's more of the same. Lords of Chaos has a really good story line, and the graphics are the best I've seen on a strategy game for a long time. The full colour sprites and backgrounds are excellently drawn, and the world you explore is full of interesting things, like an animated marsh land, forests to hide in and castles to keep your player safe. If you take the time to involve yourself, you'll be rewarded. The game is a real challenge and promises hours of enjoyment.
AmigaAmiga Action (Jul, 1991)
Although Lords of Chaos doesn't have state-of-the-art graphics and sound, it's nevertheless a good little game. At first I found it rather boring, but as I got to understand it better it became totally addictive, and I spent most of the first day (and night) playing it. The only thing that lets the game down is its extremely gaudy graphics the don't do anything for it apart from making it an eyesore. If you were a fan of Paladin or Laser Squad, Lords of Chaos should appeal to you.
On the whole, LoC is an enjoyable RPG which will provide hours if not weeks of rewarding challenge for dedicated RPG fans and the more casual player seeking a mysterious journey into the world of magic.
On the whole, LoC is an enjoyable RPG which will provide hours if not weeks of rewarding challenge for dedicated RPG fans and the more casual player seeking a mysterious journey into the world of magic.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Feb, 1990)
Vom Spielablauf her gleicht LORDS OF CHAOS anderen Spielen dieses Genres und insbesondere natürlich dem Vorgänger. Schon nach einer kurzen Eingewöhnungsphase wird sich ein LASER-SQUAD.-erfahrener Spieler ohne Zweifel problemlos in LORDS OF CHAOS zurechtfinden, da sich meines Erachtens kaum Abweichungen ergeben. Sicherlich, die Optionspalette beider Programme unterscheidet sich erheblich, doch ändert dies nichts an der Tatsache, daß beim Spielablauf alles beim alten geblieben ist. In Sachen Steuerung gibt es glücklicherweise nur Erfreuliches von dem neuen TARGET GAMES-Produkt zu berichten. Ein wohldurchdachtes Menüsystem, das wie schon beim Vorgänger durch seine einfache Handhabung besticht, macht das Spielen zu einem leichten. Für C-64-Verhältnisse äußerst gut schnitt die Spielgrafik von LORDS CHAOS ab, bei der sich die Programmierer wirklich ins Zeug gelegt haben.
AmigaAmiga Power (Jun, 1991)
Well worth a look if you are a strategy or fantasy fan, but if you're a Laser Squad addict looking for more of the same, exercise extreme caution.
AmigaPower Play (Aug, 1991)
Technisch ist Lords of Chaos hoffnungslos veraltet, grafisch und akustisch völlig hinter dem Mond. Das Spielprinzip hingegen ist einfach und originell; hätte man es an die 16-Bit-Hardware angepaßt, könnten Strategiespielfans bedenkenlos zugreifen. So jedoch ist Vorsicht geboten: Auch die extrem umständliche Benutzerführung läßt zu wünschen übrig. Lords of Chaos kann außerdem nicht über Null-Modem gespielt werden. Will man zu zweit zaubern, entstehen nervige Wartezeiten, die auf Dauer jeden Spielspaß töten. Schade, diesen Rahmen hätte die intelligente Spielidee nicht verdient gehabt.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jul, 1991)
Wenn die teils animierte Grafik auch manchmal ebenso ruckelig wie blockig daherkommt, ist sie doch zumindest recht bunt ausgefallen. Die gewöhnungsbedürftige Maussteuerung trübt allerdings den Spaß, und am Sound gefällt eigentlich nur die schön gruselige Titelmusik. Trotzdem: Das Teil hat ein gewisses Etwas - man muß es bloß erst finden...
AmigaAmiga Power (Jul, 1991)
A disappointing game from Julian Gollop, not up to his usual standard. Wait for Laser Quad 2.