Lords of Conquest Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Loading Screen
Main Menu
After the land grab
Computer offers to resign
Cities increase production

Atari ST version

Company logos
Title screen
Main menu
A randomly-generated map
Selecting colonies one by one
The board starts to fill up
Quite segregated as the game begins
Experimenting with the background water
It can be fine-tuned, with a sci-fi-esque effect here
Assigning units among your territories
The game's thoroughly turn-based
Waiting for the day when we attack
Growing resources
Which is made easier by having infrastructure
The preset maps
Using the map editor to remodel the country
Plenty of options here
Main options
Three sides choose their lands

Commodore 64 version

Setting up a game
Selecting territories
About to attack

DOS version

Main menu
Title screen - CGA
Select some territories. - CGA
Planning an attack! - CGA
Using the computer generated map
Select map
Attack succeeded