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Lords of the Rising Sun

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TurboGrafx CD
Sharp X68000

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 3 4.3
CD-i 1 2.8
Sharp X68000 Awaiting 1 votes...
TurboGrafx CD Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 4 4.0

The Press Says

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AmigaCU Amiga
Lords Of The Rising Sun ranks as Cinemaware’s finest interactive movie yet. It has a superb combination of disparate yet mutually complementary elements that combine to make one of the most comprehensive pieces of entertainment software yet released. Sayonara!
AmigaST/Amiga Format
In its day, Defender of the Crown was reckoned to be one of the finest strategy games ever, but Lords of the Rising Sun could be viewed as the next logical step considering the progressions made with the ST and Amiga on the games scene over the intervening years. The challenge, as ever in this type of game, is not one likely to appeal to anyone unprepared to play for a long time. It is very much of a strategy game so the action moves sufficiently slowly to give you time to think. In moments of tension this can often prove to be too slow despite a speed-up option, although a save to disk feature is available. The game spans a wider battlefield than Defender ever did, and as such the gameplay is far deeper and potentially more appealing for the avid strategist. With the long shelf-life of this kind of game it is certain to become the same classic which Defender proudly claimed.
AmigaPower Play
Ähnlich wie Cinemawares Debüt-Programm “Defender of the Crown“ ist Lords of the Rising Sun ein mit Actioneinlagen gewürztes Strategiespiel. Man merkt hier aber, daß die Programmierer in den letzten Jahren viel dazugelernt haben. Das Spiel ist eine echte Herausforderung und trotzdem einfach zu bedienen. Die Action-Teile sind knifflig und nur mit Übung zu meistern. Grafik und Sound sind - wie man es von Cinemaware gewöhnt ist - sehr gut und vermitteln eine packende Atmosphäre. Auch wenn man das Spiel gelöst hat, bleibt die Herausforderung, es “perfekt“ zu gewinnen, um am Schluß den höchsten Rang zugeteilt zu bekommen.
Comprehensive accompanying manuals, save/load options, suitable music, excellent all-round graphics and a high degree of polish throughout. Unavoidable disk access rears its head. A two-pronged challenge is offered from both the fairly difficult arcade sequences and the slow-moving but strong overall strategy game. The elements of Japanese honour and the bloodshed of the ancient Orient are skilfully brought together and wrapped up as one very faithful package. A very good successor to Defender of the Crown in all respects but serving best as an introductory program to the often very complex world of strategy.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Als ob das noch nicht reichen würde, wird man von einer logisch aufgebauten Maussteuerung und hilfreichen (englischen) Screentexten verwöhnt; hinzu kommt HD-Tauglichkeit, obwohl 512 KB genügen. Also Komplexität und Spielspaß in perfekter technischer Harmonie vereint – sowas findet man auch und gerade heute nicht jeden Tag...
AmigaComputer Gaming World (CGW)
A graphic masterpiece, it is only marginally a game of the unification of Japan.
CD-iThe CD-i Collective
To wrap this up, its a good port of the PC version, and a pretty solid strategy game. Medicore graphics, and lackluster sounds don't take away from the fun of a rare gem in the CD-i gaming crown. Don't come to this game looking for flashy images and snazzy graphics. Look to it for a challenge and a long term game that you won't beat in just a few minutes. This one is a real treat for CD-i strategy gaming fans who're tired of the simplistic turn-based combat of Axis & Allies.