Lords of the Rising Sun Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Select your character. As you choose one, the other one slowly closes his eyes.
The main screen: A scrollable map of ancient Japan with all troops on it.
On a hilltop, Yoshitsune decides whether he should attack this castle.
Attacking a castle. Note the sun on top of the screen that indicates the condition of the leader. If the sun is down, he is dead.
A battle breaks out.
Starting off at your castle.
Ninja attack!
Game over

CD-i version

Title Screen
Main Menu
I'm asked to defend the honour of the clan.
Choose your clan.
Here you select what you want to do
You can perform seppuku whenever you wish.
I hired a ninja assassin to kill an enemy leader.
Inspecting my army
Map overview (middle)
Map overview (left)
I Formed an early alliance
Stats for the village Aomori
Ordering a unit to advance
Damage done to an enemy unit
Laying siege on an enemy city
My siege failed and my army is defeated
This is not good!
Eda won

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu
You can play as either Yoshitsune or Yoritomo
Start of the game
Inspecting my troops
Your home
The battle has begun
Won the battle, the number of casualties and surviving soldiers is displayed

TurboGrafx CD version

Good to know!
Lovely peaceful scene...
...but not peace for the restless!
Title screen
Choose your character
Move your units over this map
Your general's option
Maybe I shouldn't do this stupid war after all?
You actually can perform a seppuku ("harakiri") in this game, at any time. It will be Game Over, of course. Gaming suicide!
Nice option screen
Examining your troops
Uh-oh, something is happening...
Preparing for battle!
Battle begins! Assign actions to your soldiers and archers
Looks like things are going well for us!
We won, we won!
You can pursue the enemy general in a platform-like action sequence!
...The horse stumbled on a stone :)
Okay, maybe next time...