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Dinamic Multimedia presents... "Los Justicieros"
A group of malefactors are subduing an entire village
I guess this man needs a better shot, I'm still alive
I think it's quite evident that they are the Zorton Brothers
This man has no compassion towards the disarmed
A huge group of criminals
This man falls from the balcony, just like in the films
An exciting persecution scene
This girl will explain you what's happening there
The Zorton Brothers and their mercenaries have noticed the presence in the town of "Los Justicieros", but they won't stay indifferent
They will take the sheriff with the purpose of hanging him
But then the girl you meet before will alert you about it
Yeah, this is a true western
Your first victim, fortunately he was too slow for you
This bad guy is moving back... ready for your first duel?
The map of the town, very useful for "strangers"