Lost Planet 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Splash loading screen.
Main title.
Main menu.
Customize your weapons.
Snow pirates think you're an easy target... they are wrong.
Found some abandoned VS units... they still seem to be operational, though.
Entering and activating a VS.
Some easy Akrid for the pickings.
Activating a thermal energy post... notice three other AI players, they can be controlled by players on-line as well.
Flying Akrid are easy to kill but they always come in swarms.
Fighting a regular size Akrid, this is way off from fighting a boss fight.
Introduction for the second mission which takes place in jungle... no more only snow terrain.
After barely escaping the Akrid attack, landing on the beach to look for snow pirates.
Through the lush vegetation fighting the Akrid who act strange due to the jungle heat.
Heat vision won't help you much during daylight.
Approaching the enemy base.
Picked some heavy armour and still the enemy didn't hear me sneak up from behind.
Taking care of the gatling gun turret to save your allies who are pinned down by it.
You are not always controlling the same character, so your outfit and weapons may vary from mission to mission.
Enemy got us with some beam weapon.
Now this is a huge boss fight.
Use sniper rifle for faraway targets or to hit exact weak spot, assuming there is one.
He seems to like that big gun, maybe we should activate it.
Fight on the speeding trains.
A lot of weapons to choose... crap, that just means you will really need them all.

Xbox 360 version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Finished a Category-G-Akrid in record time.
These chest are opened by throwing some T-ENG at them.
This shield is very useful in coop - not so much alone.
A three-man-VS - PURE AWESOME!
I'm about to get eaten by a Cat-G-Akrid.
Training my skills in the challenge-room (or stadium).
Credits are used to unlock additional items and stuff through the one-armed-bandit.
This challenge requires me to get to the goal as fast as possible.
The game starts out in the snow with an old friend.
The combat-armor is like a second layer of flesh.
Don't worry: you'll be able to fire that big gun later.
Fighting a boss-akrid is basically easy: just shoot the glowing parts.
Reminds me of Jar Jar Binks...
One of the very few quick-time-events in the game.
This shot shows a great deal of the available weaponry.
Fighting with a VS on a moving train - harder than it looks!
Man, that's one fucking big Cat-G-Akrid.
Fighting some Akrid in the sewers.
Playing alone and got ranked "S" - the highest possible rating.
These boxes mostly contain credits.
Captured a U-Boat.
Everyone has access to night-vision but honestly: you'll never need it.
Aktivating a VS.
One episode of the game takes place under water to a great deal.
BOOM - Headshot!
Thanks to the rather small maps the airplane or helicopter or whatever that thing is, is rather useless.
And again you've access to turrets to shoot things down...
It's like a naval battle but instead of ships you have two giant driving fortresses.
Near the end of the game you've to fight in space - but the final showdown takes place back on the planet.
Dataposts are respawn-points and unveil the map.
A heavy fight with some Akrid.
Sometimes you get a briefing on your next objective.
You can customize your character from look to weapons.