Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
The game story is told through memories and flashbacks.
Orbiting the planet.
Crash landing on to the planet surface.
E.D.N. III doesn't have a very friendly climate.
Exploring the crash site looking for a way to call for help.
Exploring the dark cave... strange worm-like creatures seem to be afraid of the light.
First encounter with the Akrid creatures.
Falling down into a nest of Akrid crawlers.
Reaching the transponder... now it's time to call for help.
You can blindly fire from the cover, but chance of hitting something is slim to none.
Quickly press X button to fend off the attacking Akrid.
Meeting with local mechanic and soon-to-become a very good friend.
Use the garage shop to upgrade your rig.
You can exchange found or purchased spare parts and similar components for upgrades on your rig.
The entire base is built into the ice cave.
Main base consists of three floors which can be accessed only via elevator.
NPCs will randomly talk to you as you pass them by even when you are not able to initiate the conversation.
Base of operations.
Your boss and the one in charge of the whole mining operation.
Secret poker room the crew uses for some leisure time when they're not working.
You can perform various side-quests for the scientists in the lab.
Use weapons lockers or your rig to reload ammo or switch weapons.
Aside from pistol with infinite bullets, you can only select two other weapons to carry.
Thermal energy is main currency for purchasing and upgrading your weapons.
Just another day at work.
Finding old NEVEC base will prompt some new way of thinking.
Rig isn't robust enough to win in fights against some of the giant Akrid.
Brought back from the brink of death by the Forgotten.
Meeting the real first human colony on E.D.N. III.
Entering the rig will let you perform your daily duties and deal with harsher climate outside the base.
After a while, you'll be able to access fast travel option on the world map.
When entering dark tunnels, rig will automatically turn on its lights, but you cannot control it manually.
The rig has unique hook-system to access or descend from its cockpit.
Using scope to target distant enemies.
Boss battles are all about tactic... you need to find out their weak points.
Jim is a family man, and as such will send lots and lots of messages to his wife and newborn child, and vice-versa.
Take out the spawning nests first if you want to get rid of the crawlers permanently.
You can freely rotate the camera around your character when you're not aiming.
Watch out when destroying Akrid eggs, they can create chain reaction.
You can use your grappling hook to reach higher places, descend cliffs or traverse the cables.
Seeing his friend killed by the mercenaries, Jim's next goal is set, and it won't get pretty.
Battle of rigs.
Loading screens appear when traversing from location to location and provide gameplay hints and tips.
You can use rig's grappling hook to kill flying Akrid or reach certain otherwise unreachable areas.
Fighting the crawlers in the lava pit.
Some Akrid can attack you from a distance, so it may be good to concentrate your fire on such foes first.
Taking out another spawning nest... throwing grenade inside it would do the trick.
Guess not all the areas on this planet are ice cold.