Lost Tomb Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Some useful things
Lock and load, mate
First room
Death by spider
Cracking the whip
First stairway: go for a door
Nice - found more bullets
This map proves helpful in the stairways
Leave quickly or the bats will come
Points can be traded for whips
Game over... almost cleaned out the place.

Arcade version

Title screen
Be on the lookout for these
A new game
The key is mine!
Decisions, decisions
Bitten by a scorpion
Use the map for guidance in your descent
Attack of the mutant bats!
The special sale: 25 whips for 1 credit
Watch out now
Earthquake in the throne room!
A swarm of blue mummies
The whip in action
High scores

Atari 8-bit version

Info and credits
Title screen
Ready for landing
Watch for... special sales? huh?
Starting at the top of the pyramid
Just clearing the way....
A thorough plundering
You are here
These bats want to tangle in your hair
Oh... *those* special sales.
Danger - trap sprung!
Triggered an earthquake? the walls will shoot you down

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Info and credits
Another title screen
Lock and load, mate
Game begins
Escape the bat colony
The ever-useful map
Whip it good
A word from your sponsor....
Today's special promotion
Stepped on a trap... the timer vanishes!
An earthquake shakes the screen
Devoured by bats
Throne rooms are extremely treacherous
Snatched the treasure, but didn't make it to the exit

PC Booter version

Info and credits
Title screen (PCjr)
Good to know (PCjr)
Starting out (PCjr)
Choose your path wisely (PCjr)
Leaving a trail of destruction (PCjr)
Face-off with a bat horde (PCjr)
Treasure-hunter turned spider's lunch (PCjr)
Time to break out the whip (PCjr)
Escaped the throne room with treasure and a major bonus (PCjr)
Game over (PCjr)
Title screen (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Be sure to grab these (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Plan your route by this map (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Sprung a trap! Go for the treasure chest to reset the timer (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Those salesmen get everywhere (CGA w/ composite monitor)
These red guys weren't acting too friendly (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Did some redecorating (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Would you guys mind - I'm trying to choose here (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Too close for comfort (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Tread very lightly here.... (CGA w/ composite monitor)
The dreaded throne room, carpeted with traps (CGA w/ composite monitor)
One more to join the dead (CGA w/ composite monitor)
Title screen (CGA w/ RGB monitor)
Lock and load, mate (CGA w/ RGB monitor)
The journey begins (CGA w/ RGB monitor)
Think I'll go with door #3 (CGA w/ RGB monitor)
Thanks but no thanks (CGA w/ RGB monitor)
Carving out a passage (CGA w/ RGB monitor)
Found some whips (CGA w/ RGB monitor)