Lost Treasures of Infocom Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Zork I is free - others are locked until purchased
Purchase collections or the complete library
Main menu with full library unlocked
Select from any of the classic titles
Title selection includes all original in box items including Feelies
Box art 3D rotation from any angle and zoom level
Suspended - game start (port)
Suspended - game start (landscape)
Also includes Infocom history/background

iPhone version

The porters at Code Mystics remember the importance of graph paper to mapping in early adventures.
Splash screen
System tips
Choose a game -- Zork I begins available for free, other games must be bought
A history of Infocom included!
Game display options
All right, let's take this game on
These will probably help!
A map from "Zork", included
This zorkmid coin can actually be rotated and appreciated through three dimensions!
Here's the Zork 1 manual
A few words of advice before we enter the time machine back to 1981
Invisiclues, included -- and no worries about the revealer ink drying up!
A familiar location
A built-in compass rose
Maps of game locations (don't look at that "Maze" one too closely!)
Ahh, as refreshing a response as the first time we played!