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The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Beginning the game
A Viking funeral
Game over
Lava level
Techno level
Techno level again. This time Olaf is providing a secure way through beneath the piston.
Candy level
Pyramid (I guess this type of level has to be in every game ;-)
The forest

The Lost Vikings Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Eric, Olaf and Baleog hunting... a snail?
Eric can leap over tall huts in a single bound
Baleog is the toughest viking in the land
Nothing gets through Olaf's shield
Eric doing his famous rhinoceros impression
Olaf would eat Kurt Hectic for breakfast
Encounter strange new life forms
Be dazzled by the beauty of the countryside
Work as a team
A Viking funeral

The Lost Vikings Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Main Title
Main Menu
Introduction showing far away viking village, and an ordinary day of our three heroes.
Erik the Swift, not being very optimistic.
Baleog the Fierce, fighting the monsters.
In order to switch inventory items, characters must be near each other.
Olaf the Stout, talking to a friendly alien creature.
Baleog shooting an arrow at the button behind the force field to deactivate it.
Olaf keeping the route safe from the gun turret.
Teamwork is the keyword for this game.
Baleog getting too close to a high voltage power source.
Restarting the level.

The Lost Vikings Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Mr Swift explains it all
where's the bathroom?
Always with the Star Wars references!
let's see ... fight the gun or go down the ladder...
all three need to be at the exit to proceed
helpful hints appear when needed
one hero is lost in battle
that's the best question you've asked all day
There are little animations between worlds

The Lost Vikings Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
When starting a new game, all Vikings introduce themselves and explain their abilities.
Demonstrating the basic method of killing enemies
On Tomator's ship
While Olaf shields off the laser, Baelog climbs the ladder.
Eric the Swift can also destroy certain walls.
A gate into ...
... the next world.
Game over
Olaf is using his shield to slow down his fall.
A secret passage
On a bridge, fighting a slug