Love Potion Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
A few choices
Groovy colors
Teachers' room
Meeting in the school corridor

PC-98 version

C's Ware logo
Title screen
Main menu
Outside of the school
Principal's office
Here you can "think", and choose most other school destinations
Meeting a girl in the school corridor
The obligatory "mature" woman
On the roof
Oh wow...
Lesbian scene
Now, don't be shy!
Say NO to drugs!
Hey babe, I'm right here!

Windows version

Title screen (high resolution)
The girl is up to something...
Some pictures are definitely UGLY...
Meeting a girl in the gym
In front of the school building. Standard choices
Principal's office
Faculty room
Hmm... interesting observation
On the roof
I always thought girls-only schools were something abnormal...
A girl is distressed