Love Songs: Idol ga Classmate Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main title.
Opening movie.
Introducing characters, Minako Sakurai.
Introducing characters, Riho Futaba.
Full cast of heroines.
Main menu.
Game options.
Create your character profile.
A popular idol arriving at your school.
School principal talking about performing arts course.
Your teacher seems like a cool dude.
You can see your character's name in the dialogues, but it will be skillfully skipped in the voice-overs.
There are several different commands you can use while in your room.
Time to build some muscles... but other attributes might dwindle a bit.
Alas, I got the answering machine.
Running into Yuka in the hallway.
Part-time work will earn you some money.
This is called a bad hair day.
Talking to your classmates.
Studying diligently.
Selecting the person you wish to write email to.
The park looks like a nice place to go on a date.
New email has arrived.
Ah, she turned me down :(
Her manager looks a bit over-excited.