Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Complete Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Beautiful art in the intro
Lucia appears. The character's confusion and vulnerability is demonstrated
Ruby, your trusty pink feline companion, talks a lot
Hiro and Ruby escape from two fire monsters
On the world map. No enemies there - what a nice idea!
Dungeon navigation. Visible enemies
Animated cutscene. Hiro and Ruby meet a new character
Visiting a town
Charming "retro" graphics with plenty of detail
Beautiful view!..
Ancient statues...
About halfway through the game you'll get your own airship... but don't expect Final Fantasy-like interactivity
Status and equipment screen
A busy house in one of the game's largest cities
Imposing purple architecture
The dialogues are well-written and funny
Prison tower dungeon: an enemy is ahead!
Fighting armored knights
The once-mighty city of Magic Guilds is all but ruined...
The heroes find an erotic book!
Like in the first Lunar, you'll discover bromides of female characters
Nice library! Do you have anything by St. Augustine? No?..
A decisive boss battle on a roof. Spectacular spell is cast on our party
You delve deeper into the realms of evil
Catching a glimpse of Lemina's magic powers
Jean blows a kiss at the enemy!
Zophar attempts to win the title of The Most Asexually Androgynous Villain in a Japanese RPG. And that's not easy, given the competition!
Leo is casting Earth Prayer on himself, raising his attack and defense powers
Every self-respecting villain comes in two forms. This Indian-style formidable opponent hurls all sorts of bad weather at us