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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

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Sweetness of the old school PlayStation אולג 小奥 (169544)
The Legend Begins.... PlayStation MasterMegid (897)

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PlayStation 60 4.0
SEGA Saturn 21 4.0
Combined MobyScore 81 4.0

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The LSSC package is just too good to miss. It's an RPG, but it's a film, and it's more than either of those. Nostalgia needn't even enter the equation; play LSSC because it's a great game.
Considering the hype and enormous cult following surrounding the game, my expectations upon unwrapping Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the Playstation on that snowy Christmas morning were quite high. Lunar took my expectations and blew them clean out of the water. I knew the game was supposed to be good, but never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined it to be as good as it is. Lunar isn't just "good good". It's up-there-with-Chrono Trigger-and-Final Fantasy IX good. And while it does contain many of the silly clichés that have been associated every RPG ever released, both story and gameplay contain wonderful, unique twists that will prevent Lunar from ever becoming just another face in the crowd.
Overall, Lunar: SSS is one of the best games I have ever played. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who enjoys RPGs or a great storyline. A US version is coming sometime this fall from Working Designs, who does a great job translating games (other than the insertion of pop culture jokes), and who likely will add some nice extras to the package. This game will definitely be one not to miss.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete was not exactly what I expected, but nevertheless, it packed quite a punch. Although I wish that the game had stuck more to the original's plot, SSSC did a fine job of telling the story I've come to know and love. Add in the wonderful anime, the elegant voice acting, and all the little extras, and Silver Star Story Complete comes out a winner, and probably one of the best RPGs of the decade.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
As a bonus for beating the game, you're rewarded with some pee-yourself-funny voice acting outtakes. Lunar doesn't stretch the limits of the PlayStation by any means, but it does provide a fun and enjoyable game worthy of multiple plays. Especially considering all the extras, it's well worth its price. RPG enthusiasts (especially those who are suckers for packaging) need to have this game on their shelves.
PlayStationOfficial U.S. PlayStation Magazine (OPM)
Don't mistake this for some nostalgia-warped vision of how all the "real" RPGs ended with the death of the 16-bit machines-Lunar deserves to be played based only on its own merits. What little it lacks in visual, it more than makes up for in style, story, and wholly engrossing gameplay.
All in all, Lunar was worth the wait. If you're looking for a lighthearted, albeit short, but entertaining game, Lunar is your choice. It feels like an oldschool RPG, very reminiscant of the Lufia series, with nicely interwoven anime scenes. With one of the best translations in a while, Lunar is worth the price, because you not only get the game, but also its soundtrack, a color art book and a cloth map of the world of Lunar. You'll probably enjoy them.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
In conclusion, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is a very challenging role-playing game just like its Sega CD ancestor. It is an adventure that can be enjoyed by just about anyone looking for a great story and cast of characters, beautiful artwork, Japanese animation and a unique world that's actually worth exploring. Oh yeah, and there's a ton of good laughs to be had.
PlayStationSuper Play
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete är precis vad det låter som. Ett komplett spel som har allt som en riktig beundrare av Lunar-serien kan förvänta sig. Med det gedigna spelet följer dessutom en CD-skiva med originalmusiken, en CD-skiva där Working Designs och Game Arts visar hur de satte ihop spelet, en tygkarta över Lunars värld samt en översiktlig och alltigenom välgjord instruktionsbok. Det här är ett spel för fans konverterat av fans.
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete is an excellent game (with a very long title). I had just a ton of fun playing it, smiling throughout the whole experience. I can see now why it has such a strong following. I'd also like to take a second to talk about the packaging. For me, it was worth the extra ten bucks. The full color manual with some very nice artwork, the CD art, the collector's box, the soundtrack and the making of CD all combine to create the ultimate RPG collector's package. The only thing that could make it better is if the manual were 8" x 10" to show off the wonderful artwork. Again, I hope this raises the bar for everyone else and we can at least get some color manuals with our games. Then again, I'm probably the only one that actually reads the manual before I play a game. Anyway, Lunar is a welcome addition to any RPG Fan's collection. Give it a try. It'll put a smile on your face.
SEGA SaturnSegaFan.com
En definitiva, Lunar: Silver Star Story es un juego de los que todavía conservan la “magia” de los juegos de nuestra infancia, un RPG que te maravillará y que si puedes debes jugar. Eso sí, deberás tener conocimientos de japonés, pues en su versión Saturn no salió del país nipón, o bien también puedes hacerte con la versión Complete de PSX, que es exactamente igual a la segunda edición de Saturn. Pero acabando, si te gustan los RPG y en especial los de GameArts, Lunar SSS te supondrá una grata experiencia y es muy posible que te marque, como ha conseguido hacer con los cientos de miles de jugadores que ya lo han probado. Que lo disfrutes.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine
A surprising degree of challenge and strategy is present in the positional battle system - the cute characters belie the difficulty of some of the harder boss fights. Luckily, there's a save anywhere feature that keeps frustration to a minimum. Simple but rock solid game design governs the whole affair, and makes Silver Star Story one of the great pleasures of its era.
PlayStationPSX Extreme
All in all an excellent game. You really start to care to what happens to the characters, and although the story is really predictable, there are a couple neat twists. Don't let the 32 bit graphics fool you, the anime scenes are stupendous. It will be a treat for the RPG'er who missed LSS, and an even larger treat for those who feel in love with the first game.
SEGA SaturnLegendra
Un remake magnifique de la perle du Mega-CD, l'ambiance géniale des jeux Game Arts, l'humour omniprésent et les personnages attachants vous séduiront sans aucun doute.
Un jeu à posséder vu ses immenses qualités. Ne soyez pas rebutés pas l'aspect technique primaire, Lunar: the Silver Star Story est un joyau.
The rebirth of this Lunar game really struck a chord within me. I can truly say, as I display the box of goodies on top of my TV next to my PlayStation, that it is definitely worth playing at least once. So what are you waiting for? I know what I'm waiting for -- Lunar 2!
This latest edition, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete: Fan Edition, re-releases the original gameplay of the first Playstation version, and the CD's feature the fan art of one of their most prominent and prolific contributors, Armen Mardirossian. The manual is a reproduction of the original manual, complete with game features, commands, extensive character bios, and even such goodies as comparisons between the Japanese and English song lyrics, an interview, and translation notes which contain a sincere tribute to the fans. The Working Designs web site also displays this commitment to fans.
Now, I get to actually progress through the game. With all that efficiency, I got through a 35-hour plot in 18. I played through it in a week. I saved a lot of time that I can use to scrub that infernal sink. Last night, I paid a hobo to take a dump in the bowl and swim in it—so I could have the never-ending pleasure of scrubbing the BOTH of them.
After a seemingly inexhaustible series of delays, Working Designs has finally redelivered the game that put them on the map. Originally released in Japan more than two years ago on the Sega Saturn, Lunar Complete is extremely dated but still delivers where it's important - gameplay.
This is one hell of a package, people. When Working Designs releases a product, it goes the extra mile to make sure you're getting the bang for your buck. In the package, you'll find not only the game's two discs, but also a music soundtrack, a "making of" CD to play on the PlayStation, an artbook, and, most uniquely, the hard-cover, full color instruction manual. But even though this is one hell of a complete package, all this comes at a price: the game retails for $20 more than the average PlayStation game. Is the game good? Absolutely. The story's great, the acting's nice...the video in some places isn't necessary, and the game has a very "musical" feel throughout (yes, Luna breaks out into song a couple times in the game), but Lunar Silver Star Story is a fun game that will last you at least a week of hardcore playing.
Un bon jeu pour ceux qui veulent retrouver la bonne ambiance enfantine et magique de Grandia. Ah bien sûr, tout est en japonais et mieux vaut comprendre.