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Walkthrough written by Black Wolf ([email protected])

Lure of the Temptress is the first game to be developed by Revolution Software, who went on to create Beneath a Steel Sky and the Broken Sword series. Diermot, a peasant who was recently employed as a beater for the king's haunting party, arrives in the town of Turnvale where a group of monsters known as the Skorl who, with orders by the young and beautiful Selena, have taken control of it. After a bloody confrontation between the Skorl and the king's men, the king is killed and Diermot is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself locked in the dungeon. Diermot's objective is to get into the heavily guarded castle where Selena resides and defeat her to save Turnvale.

You start in the dungeon. Restart the game. Get the torch on the wall. After it falls onto the straw bed, walk Diermot to the top-left corner of the dungeon and wait for the Skorl guard to enter the room. As soon as he does, leave the room. Close the cell door and then lock it. Now walk through the doorway on the right through the right doorway. Get the bottle near the sack. Get the knife on top of the barrel and cut the sack with it. Look at the sack and Diermot will find a groat.

Note: You may have questioned why it was necessary to restart the game as your first task. Lure of the Temptress has a bug in it that will prevent an important object in the forge from being seen, and by not restarting the game, you would not be able to complete the game without it.

Walk east. Your friend Ratpouch is seen tied up on the rack. Use the knife on the leather cord at the bottom of the rack to release him. Walk south and look at the barrel. Use the bottle on the tap. Walk west and give the bottle to the prisoner. Order Ratpouch to push the bricks, which are on the right side of the room. Ratpouch obeys you and pushes the bricks, opening up a tunnel. Walk east to enter the town.

Lure of the Temptress has lots of locations that are quite a distance apart. From where Diermot is standing, walk west, north, west, south (x2), west, north, west, south (x2), and west to enter Smithy Street. Wait for Mallin, the man wearing a green coat, to appear. Talk to him and say "Just tell me what I have to do." and Diermot will get a metal bar. Walk through the doorway to enter the forge. Talk to Luthern and say "I have recently escaped from the hands of the Skorl." Luthern demands to hear about Goewin. Get the tinderbox on the floor (If it is not present, you haven't restarted the game.) and leave. Now walk east (x2) and north. Enter the village shop and give the metal bar to Ewan. After Diermot receives a gem and eight groats, leave. Walk east and south. Open the door to the Magpie Tavern and enter.

Give the gem to Nellie to get the flask. Morkus is sitting at one of the tables. Bribe him and ask him about Goewin. Leave the tavern then go north, west, south (x2), and west to return to the forge. Talk to Luthern (if he is not at the forge, then he is wandering about town) and Diermot will tell him about Goewin. He tells Diermot to talk to Grub. Give the flask to Luthern to receive an empty flask. Return to the courtyard. Grub is standing near the well. Talk to Grub (x2) and ask him about the Black Goat. Diermot will get a lockpick.

Walk north and then west (x2). Open the door to The Severed Arms and enter. Talk to Edwina (in other releases of the game, she may go under a different name) (x2) and ask has she seen Taidgh. After Edwina gives Diermot the diary, leave the pub. Now walk east to arrive at the marketplace. Look at the door. Give the lockpick to Ratpouch and tell him to use it on the lock. Open the door and enter Taidgh's house. Examine the dairy and look at the apparatus. Use the tinderbox on the oil burner and the flask on the tap at the right side of the apparatus. Leave the house. Outside, drink the flask to transform into Selena. Walk north and open the door to the town hall. Enter.

There are two Skorls here. Talk to either one of them and they will release Goewin. Leave the town hall and walk east (x2). Open the door to the apothecary workshop and enter. Talk to Goewin to make the transformation spell start to break. Talk to Goewin again to make the poster appear in Blackfriar's Row. Leave the workshop and wander around town until Diermot transforms back to his normal self. Find Mallin. Talk to him and say "Yes, certainly!!". After Diermot has been given the book, return to Blackfriar's Row and enter the church.

Give the book to Brother Toby to get the statuette. Talk to him (x2) and ask him for help Diermot defeat Selena. Leave the church. Walk north and east, Walk through the doorway to enter Goewin's workshop. Here, talk to Goewin and ask "Can you provide me with an infusion of herbs?" When she asks what herbs, say "Houndstooth, Cowbane and Elecampane.". When she asks what you are going to use them for, say "I am going to use it on the dragon". Leave the workshop and walk west (x3) and south (x2) to reach the flowerbed where the cowbane is growing. Take some and go east (x3) and north (x2). Enter Goewin's workshop.

Here, give the cowbane to Goewin. Wait a moment while she finishes the spell. Talk to her and ask "Is the spell ready, Goewin?". If it is not, wait a little bit more and try again until Diermot has the spell. Leave the workshop then walk west (x3) and south. Open the door to the pub then enter. Talk to Ultar (x2) and Diermot will get the gargoyle's name. Leave the pub then go north. Talk to either gargoyle. They will not let a man pass through the gate. Walk east (x3) and enter Goewin's workshop. Talk to Goewin and she will help you get past the gargoyles. Leave and go west (x3) and talk to Goewin. Go through the doorway to enter the cave system.

Look at the left skull, followed by the right skull. Pull the right skull. A door will open to the west. Enter the doorway to get to the green cave. Look at both skulls. Now tell Goewin to go to the entrance cave and then pull the left skull and then pull the right skull. Quickly walk west as soon as the door opens and Diermot will get to the blue cave. Pull the left skull and wait for Goewin to enter the cave. Tell her to go to the green cave and then pull the right skull. Walk west and save the game. Walk north and Diermot will encounter a beast. Click the axe near Diermot to defeat the beast then walk west to the dragon's cave. Use the potion on the dragon. Talk to it and say "I command you to help us!" Walk east (x3) and pull the left skull. Walk east and pull the left skull. Now walk east and south to return to the town.

Explore the town until you see Mallin wandering around. Talk to him. Mallin says that a Skorl guard is acting suspiciously. Go to the marketplace. Wait for the guard to enter the shop and then look through the window. Enter the shop and talk to Ewan. Select one of the options when he offers the mushrooms. Talk to Ewan again and Diermot will be able to get to the castle.

Once there, walk east to arrive in the kitchen. Look at the carcass on the table and then get the fat from the right side of the table. Get the tongs from on top of the pillar. Talk to Minnow (x2) and say "I've come for Selena.", followed by "Tell the Skorl there's someone in the cellar." Go west to go into the wine cellar. Look at the cask at the bottom-left and use the tongs on the bung. Walk behind the post at the top-right corner and wait for the Skorl to enter the room. The skorl will make his way toward the cask. When he begins drinking from it, walk east (x2), north, and east (x2) to enter the gate room.

Here, use the fat on the lever. Wait for Minnow to enter the room then talk to him, then command him to pull the lever. While Minnow is pulling the lever, operate the winch. The drawbridge at the top of the stairs will be lowered. Go west (x3) and go upstairs. Walk east and enter the doorway to encounter the beast, which you need to defeat. After he gets slained, go west.

Congratulations! You have just completed Lure of the Temptress.

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