Infocom Bugs for the Lurking Horror IF GameContributed by David Ledgard (65) on Jul 14, 2006.

After you obtain the master key from the hacker, try losing it in a way which prevents you retrieving it. (Dropping it into the pit beside the alter works well.) Now if you go back to the Terminal Room and ask hacker for it again, he'll give it back to you. This works in 203/870506, the earliest version.

When you encounter the rats in the steam tunnels, try escaping them by climbing on the coaxial cables above you. Eventually the rats will swarm up and start to bite you, making you fall. But if you try letting go of the cables before they do this, you'll get two descriptions of your death -- one saying that you go of the cables, and the other saying that the rats bit you and made you fall.

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